Heh heh, I've busy with moving, my old and new friends, and a buch of over things, After today I won't be avle to post anything new untill we get the computer in the new house. As for school things, eveything doing ok, I have a few new friends and some new enmeys(sp?). and eveyone saying that me and thing boy would be a good couple... but I don't know if I had a journal befroe you would know why I'm not all for it. but I guess the reson is that I haven't gotten over my last boyfriend yet... But no more about then let talk alittle more about school and my story Theif. In enlish we are wirting a thesis statements about some problems in the U.S. and mine is about Homework or No-Homework? and it's pretty funny on how much I found for no homework then I did for homework.^_^ As for my story Thief I'm going try and get a new part up today and then it will have to wait till we get to computer up in the new home. we'll I better get to work on the story see ya