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my book of justice
im just gonna write sh*t here about well every thing ...... i think XD
My fighters profile

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Name: Kaiju.
Age: ive lost track a 1000 years agow.
history: Ask me ive u can find me *grin*
Kind: was Human turned half Demon wen i finnished the Demon Wielder ritual.
Type of fighting: Expert in one handed sword fighting and daul wield.. also an exerpt in the Demon Whisper (that is the only way to controll a Demon and become a Demon Wielder).
Weapons/items: Blood Swords, an Demonic Amulet, Mask of Containment and Black Shield of the Dragon King (there listed at the bottom with an explantion).

Demon name: Bemeth.
Demon kind: shadow knight.
abilities: The power to travel thruw shadows, a shadow dragon attack, the power to controll shadows and use them as weapons.(I can use all the power he has.. only more limited).
weapons: The Claws of oblivion.

Weapons/items Kaiju

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The Blood Swords where only used in old times by the best knights in the world. in there normal form they look like regular katanas .. But wen socked in the wielders blood and by saying the right enchant .. They will change in too there true form .. huge swords that are linked with the wielders soul. Ive the sword breaks u will die as well .. ive u die then the swords dies as well.. your power will be boosted sky rocked .. but everytime u use there true form a little off your soul get drained into the sword until there is nothing left to drain.

Demonic Amulet
Nothing really speciaal about this one .. it glows wen my masters need me

Mask of Containment

The mask of containment .. this masks actaully shows the Demons Hatered and on what level of power he is being used .. As we all know Demons have great hatered in them and to not get sucked in by the hatered of my Demon i wear this mask. all the hatered of the demon heads strait to the mask instead to my brain.. this will result in changes to the mask while fighting. So first the eyes are closed on the mask .. but wen a demon is really angry the eyes will open wider and wider and will burn with the Demons Hatered.

Black Shield of the Dragon King
Ripped from the dead hands of the Dragon king and no using it for my own protection. but the dragon king Cursed it right before i killed him .. and now it get heavyer the longer u use it to defend .. but it gets back to normal after a fight.

Weapons Bemeth

User Image
The Claw of oblivion are one of the highest class weapons for assination, but because of there huge power it can only be wielded by demons. the claws can be fired at a target and are connected to the hand piece by Chains. the big diamond in the bottom can instandly turn people to dust .. but for that he needs to be against the crystal .. so dont get caught *grin* .. and there sharp as hell

well thats all

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Feb 13, 2007 @ 08:43pm
I love the way you drew the detailed weapons and the picture. Your profiles awesome too!

commentCommented on: Wed Feb 21, 2007 @ 03:49pm
Great profile. nice details and pics. great story... if i needed too give an number from 0 to 10 it would be an 10

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Goshujin Sama
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Mar 06, 2007 @ 03:29pm
thanks guys ^^

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