I’M BACK! *dances* And writing up a storm! Just wait just wait just wait! I’ll shock your pants off! (and if your not wearing pants I say to you “EW!”) Anyhoo! Hope you all are as excited about this next month as I am. Not only is the New Year approaching but all be damned if Samhain doesn’t give me awesome inspiration every time! And great news! HELIUM ISH BACK TOO! Yes the real explanation for my sudden urge to write and write and write. Those who remember him from my earlier days, yay for you! You know what his return means.

(^0^) More cake and pies to stuff down people’s pants!

……no helium you aren’t going to shove baked goods down their pants….

(0.0) Oh….well then what?

Obviously we get to throw Inuyasha and Kouga, and various other characters, into compromising (and hilarious) situations of which they cannot begin to visualize.

(^o^) You mean like when I put naked pictures of Miroku under Naraku’s pillow and Kagura found them and told Sesshoumaru who “casually mentioned” it to Inuyasha and Shippo overheard it and hooked Inuyasha up with Kouga to try and get Naraku and Miroku together in an attempt to help Inuyasha find his dreamy-wolfy and—

*Grabs Helium *SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!!!! We aren’t supposed to do that until January!

(0.0) but you said next year and November is next year right?

No, I said January!

(?w?)Really? When?

Posted on 2006-09-02 @ 6:00 PM : “Caine lup (Romanian for “Wolf”) coming in January 2007.”

(o.o) Oh. Okay I’ll wait.

Weeeeell *smiles at Helium* I did start this neat little fic for Danny Phantom involving Dash and some pretty, pretty pictures. * hands Helium the pictures *

(6.6) Whoa, not even I’m that evil.

Shows what I can do when you’re not around. I’m not completely dependant on you.

(^_^’) You know you love me (I think)

Just shut up and help me with this fic. *grumbles*

(^.^) Can I shove pie down their pants?

*sigh* only if you make them lick it up

(#._.) I’d rather not…

fine…….*stomps off*

(`.`> )Is she PMSing again?

Throws pie out the window.

(0o0) PIIIIEEEEE! *dives out window*

Little b*****d *slams window shut* Why did I want him back again?!