This comes from the book Bart Simpson's Guide to Life

The Old "Hole in the Bucket" Strategy

Homer: Bart! Sweep the walks!
Bart: With what shall I sweep them?
Homer: Try the broom!
Bart: The broom handle's broken.
Homer: Then fix it!
Bart: With what?
Homer: Try a curtain rod.
Bart: But the curtain rod's too long.
Homer: Then cut it!
Bart: What with?
Homer: Try the saw.
Bart: Where's the saw?
Homer: In the garage.
Bart: The gargage is too messy.
Homer: Then clean it.
Bart: With what shall I clean it?
Homer: Use that broom!
Bart: But the broom handle's broken.

Repeat if neccessary until parent gets the point.

Sound's like I try to do with my brother sometimes...