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~~~~~The World Of Tear~~~~~

Name: Rei
Class: Assassin
Race: Azron
Gender: Female
Age: 430
Wight: 105
Height: 5
Hair: Long black
Eyes: Red
Element: Azron of Water
Weapon: Throwing stars


Rei was raised to become a assassin by his mother and father since they were assassins too. And it also pays good money too. She doesn’t remember much about her childhood, all she remembers was that she could use water magic but she never told anyone that. The only time someone found out was Ashton and Care when she was sent to kill Care but failed. That was when she first met the group of azrons and their priestess. The priestess told her that she was one of them and asked to join their group. After a long thought about it she became the azron warrior of water. Now she is the priestess’s assassin and only works for her.