Im one of Charlie's friends, his gf actually, I cant say i know exactly what you're going through but, I can say this.

Im taking it that you didnt say "I love you" Back to him. I think all you can really do is apologize, and, maybe tell him you dont wanna say I love you unless you're sure, that you dont wanna hurt him when you find out, you dont (Which, i hope doesnt happen, i would never want one of Charlie's friends to suffer). As for his commitment problem, try to be as comforting as you can.

you dont really know me so you can just tell me to f*ck off and ignore me, i wouldnt blame you or be mad in the slightest. I just wanna help. Im not sure my advice will work but i hope, that if you take it, it does.

Feel free to add me or Pm me a letter of "I f*cking dont know you so leave me the f*ck alone". Again, I wouldn't be mad or blame you. Im not that type and again, you dont know me and im kinda butting in where i dont belong so i would deserve getting yelled at. (Im used to being yelled at alot worse than you can probably do anyway...tis why meh dad is in jail but back to the point)

Okay, now its up to you, ignore me, hate me for buggin you when i dont know you, or take the advice and be happy. Its all your choice. I hope I've helped you in some slight way.