Yep, so I have some exciting and depressing things to share. Let's start with the depressing things so I can get them over with.

Two days ago my stupid Media Arts teacher called my mom about me failing because I'm missing one lousy assignment. Naturally, my mom flipped and got all angry, then demanded to see the report card I've been hiding from her for the past week or so. You see, I hadn't wanted to show her my report card... not only because I'm failing two of my courses ( although who cares about Business ) but because the comments involved all completely negative things about me. I knew if he saw it I'd be grounded from here to Texas... Well, looks like it happened anyways though.

Not only was I grounded for the whole week and the weekend off the computer, and from going outside, but I was also prevented from going to Gabby's dinner party! x_x And now I feel so unbelievably, unbearably bad because I missed her birthday and I know she wanted me there. I wanted to be there too! I'm still angry about this... I mean, I was all ready to go, then my mom just comes in and blows me away with all this, and I'm just so stunned and confused to be even angry or yell back. Well, looks like this weekend will be spent rotting in front of the television with dubbed animes and video games.

Now that the depressing part is over, onto the exciting bits! ... or if you can consider my life to be exciting...

Well, this week has been pretty crazy fourth period, but what do you expect? Sticking me and Kelley in the same room has always had disasterous consequences... almost as bad as if you put me and Kora together in the same room, or pre-high school Azzy. ( Azzy's not as hyper as she used to be... ;--; )

Well, first period pisses me off as usual, but I just play games and stuff anyways so who cares. Second period has been the same. Third period, our cooking class, is mediocre fun because it has Azzy, and we get to talk alot, but then we also have to share cooking with other people and I don't like that because I'm too shy to speak up about wanting to help with whatever so I'm usually ignored and-- -deep breaths- Woooah, run-on sentences. Well, we made pancakes yesterday and that was very fun at least, even if I didn't do much besides cleaning and .. wait, that's ALL I did. ): Well, I got to eat too, but .. bleh. Azzy wasn't there to insist that the group gives me some sort of role in the making.

Now now... fourth period... This requires a sentence ALL ON IT'S OWN. I suppose I should start with two days ago... x3 This is right before I got grounded like mad. So, Kelley pissed me off earlier by mocking me and shouting in the middle of the halls, "OHHH I LOVE HIM MUAH MUAH!" and I just yelled back, "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" So, when I got to class, and she came in class, I whacked her on the head with my binder, so then she's all, "That hurt!" and then tried to hit me... but then I grabbed her note book and bolted! xD Damn it was funny! Me just running like a cheetah, her a few paces behind me screaming at me to give her book back, and eventually we ended up at the end of the school. Cornered like a mouse, I threw her notebook in the air and ran outside! ... but then two seconds later we just laughed about it and went back to class.

... but when we got back to class, Tyler was all in a whiny voice, "Oh, they're always late! Send them to the office!" Tyler is a fnucking retard. So, off to the office we went, where we created a bias for the deeds we have done ... but then when we were called in it the vice principal sent us back to class without a word. Haha, stupid Tyler who was hoping we'd get in trouble. I hate him, really.

So, that whole class I spent making origami birds and talking to Freddy, who seemed interested in telling me about his whole life, and I just happily talked back, forcing origami birds on him every three seconds. Kelley was making a comic for Cassandra. Man, that class of ours is so crazy... You might think it's just us, but really, the whole class was either up and about, or screaming about some wierd thing. I made paper planes and threw them around the classroom. No one ever does any work in that class.. It's a miracle I'm passing. Oh wait, that's because it's vegetable math, rotfl.

Well, that day was fun.. BUT THE NEXT WAS EVEN CRAZIER. The next day Kelley comes in and we immediately sit beside each other ( we can't normally, but because we have a sub, no one cares. ) and then I start making paper planes and we name them crazy stuff. My first plane was called "The Grill" and then Kelley made a plane called, "SSX Tricky Griller" which will always ALWAYS be the most awesome name ever. xD But that's not the end of it... Oh no...

... because then Shane had to pipe up and try to make another worthless attempt on ridiculing us. He always fails, there is really no point. So then he's all, "Kelley's emo!" And then me and Kelley just laughed, and she's all making fun of what Shane said, making a really wierd voice and saying, "I just can't sleep with that emo girl in my class!" And then we started calling ourselves the 'The Super Emo Kids' and whining out loud about how we cut outselves and cry tears of blood, all the while laughing hysterically. I was practically crying.

So, then we get the idea to make more paper planes and call them names like, "The Emonator" and "The Emo Convertor" and then I made a little origami bird and we taped it to the plane, and then we named it "The Emo Bird Grill" because we just love saying "Grill" XD We threw them all around the classroom, and then eventually everyone else started making planes so they were all over the place. Later we threw them down the hall too. xDD But Tyler's all, "Stop throwing planes!" and we just tell him to shutup and then laugh about it. I think I almost busted a gut laughing so much in that class. The only thing I didn't think was funny was when Kelley dis-sected her tape holder and threw them at Freddy, and I was all, "That wasn't funny! ;-;" and then we had to cheer up Freddy, but then I don't think he cared much anyways.

Yep, fourth period is the best... If you like hyper crazy crack days, and I do, because I'm sad way too often these days. It helps me get my mind off certain subjects, although not for too long. I just wish I was still in Widdifield, because I mean, our fourth period is super awesome, but the rest ... isn't. Ferris really otherwise sucks, and I miss all my friends so very much! I guess I should of listened when everyone told me not to go. x_x Well, that's enough moping about that.

My Business class should be ending soon, and I think then that I should be going. Can you believe it's Thursday already? Well, that was random. x3 So, sayonara!! heart