My life sucks my girlfriend broke up with me a week ago and i want to die. but people have kept me alive like all my friends. life sucks as usual and the firl i like is 1 year older and i dont know what city she is ion so i am a loner and i thank that all relatoin ships suck a** and that your friends are there when u need them so thanks everyomne.
PS a word of idvise LIFE SUCKS a**.
emotions run wild and there is nothing we can do about it. so we have to go through obsticols as big as they come and we will eventually finish the course. i can use all the friends i have and more. support is the thing in life that no one can live without. so if u have some time on ur hands talk to ur friends and made them get up when they fall down.
PPS Hold ur friends very close so they dont fade away in the distance. keep them close and make sure they dont get away. i just want to scream .