What else to say except give my entry a DRAMATIC title like 'Hail'? ... Well, actually, it's because I went shopping again and I can't very well give the title 'Shopping' for the millionth time. Besides, hail is apart of the story today.

Thursday, a day which me and Gabby seem to like doing our shopping. >_> Kelly was there too this time! She had bought Cassie, but she didn't stay for very long, and besides I don't think Gabby wanted her there. Christina came after Gabby showed up--but oh wait, I'm forgetting something! You see, there was a VERY AMAZING AND AWESOME ADVENTURE--Okay, I'm lying, it sucked ... but it's worth noting.

So, anyways, school school school... We had a shortened day of school that day because it was Parent Teacher interview. ( I didn't tell my parents about it and was thus punished later. ) My parents were also going to be gone to that Alice Cooper concert that night. So ... after school finished, me, Kelly, and Cassie set off to my house.

After taking a while to change and redo my makeup, we finally got on the bus and headed down the mall... Only to find out that Gabby wasn't there! Apparently she had no way of getting there. We suggested she walked, but she didn't want to walk throught the hail ( I don't blame her ) so until she made a definiate decision I went to do my shopping at La Senza.

Might I mention that La Senza is a very awesome store? They have the cutest sexy outfits there EVER! If I ever get a boyfriend who appreciates that sort of thing, I'd defini-- ... Wait, why the hell am I writing this in here? >_>;; -coughs- Besides, the only guy I like right now is AFRAID of the womanly body, and not interested in me anyways. -sigh- Well, I still like shopping there, except when I finally picked out some stuff I really liked IT WAS WAY TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE. So I said screw that and left.

Well, Gabby had decided she was going to walk, so me and Kelly went to meet her and Cassie left.

Walking. Through that. Hail. Was ... HELL! Absoloute hell! No other explaination!

Me and Kelly tried to walk backwards at some point because the wind was so strong it was dragging us backwards, and the hail was cutting our faces. I ruined my makeup!! D: [/prissy] Well, then all of the sudden out of no where that hail stopped for whatever godly divine reasons. We met up with Gabby, then we hurried back to the warmth of the mall which thank goodness wasn't far.

Then Christina came, we ran around the mall, I alternated between being emo and happy, and other stuff happened. I'd try to put in some more detail, but we mostly really just walked around. Oh, but Kelly DID piss me off really badly by making a fool of me and saying things that people really just shouldn't say around me. I forgive her, though.

I got a ride with Kelly home where we talked about her vegan-ness. I said she's going to starve to death trying not to eat everything that ever lived, because everything that's good for you lived at some point or came from a living thing. I mean, she's already cut meat and dairy out of her diet... That CAN'T be good for you. She has her reasons I guess though.

At home I was in a big conversation with Gabby, Kelly, Christina, and Dustin on MSN. x3 I kept drawing retarded pictures of me being emo or catgirls. Dustin loves the latter. We also talked about ninjas. >_> I wanna be a kunoichi ( female ninja ) ;-; Gabby wanted to be one too. xD;; Actually, everyone did. So now, we are unofficial kunoichi. Me and Gabby are the cat kunoichi twins, and Christina is the fox kunoichi because she likes foxes? I like foxes too, but I still like cats better. I think Gabby wanted to be one because Dustin said kunoichi need to skillful at seduction and trickery ... I just wanna be one because ninja are awesome cool. xD I wanna learn how to use a shuriken. ;--; Oh, he also said ninja don't use kunai. How is that true? O_o;; I mean, I don't just get that from Naruto ( which I realize is COMPLETELY off any facts of real ninja ) I mean... every Japanese film, cartoon, game or anything other relating to ninjas has them using kunai... They can't all be wrong and Dustin alone right. I'm sure he has some facts mixed up, that's all... I mean, even this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunai says that even if kunai aren't official ninja weapons, they were still used because they avoided suspicion. Huh. I guess for back then, maybe.

Anyways, today wasn't very interesting, but we made a kickass stir-fry in Cooking. I want to make that again someday, because... it was really, really good. Oh, and as for Azzy who would of gave Bran-Boy that promise ring tonight... I hope everything worked out! I'm really rooting for you! ... Why couldn't I get a promise ring? ;--; Oh wait, that's because no one loves me... Yep. I'm pathetic.

Well, it's 3:40 AM ... and I should be getting to bed, but I'll just read Naruto fanfiction instead for another hour or two. xD;; Naruto Primer is just so damn good!

... I got to stop swearing ... And being so terribly terribly obsessive...