Sunday I slept at Gabby's. I'm trying to keep this short, so I won't go into great detail. ( I need to get some sleep... ) Kelly was there too.

We spent most of the night inside, but I finally managed to drag Gabby and Kelly outside where we went to get pizza. I emo-ed on the way, Gabby emo-ed, and Kelly emo-ed ... but then for some reason we were happy again later. O_o I got a whole box of pizza. On the way back, some wierdo was stalking us, and Kelly started screaming like an idiot. >_>;; ( Sorry Kelly, but that really DID piss us off. You DON'T scream at potencial rape-ists. ) Kelly had to eventually go home because her mom is really wierd, me and Gabby played DDR, I emo-ed a bit more, became happy again... Then we fell asleep to some DVD of Little Snow Fairy Sugar. xD I think Gabby plays that DVD every night because last time I slept over her sister commented on how that was the 12th time she had to shut it off in the morning, rotfl.

In the morning we had a nice breakfast courtesy of Gabby's dad, I slept some more, we played more DDR, then I went home. At home I went on the computer and said Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ... including 'him', who to my surprise actually paid attention and said it back and thank you! O_O Well, that was enough to make my day, and I was quite happy. The dinner was delicious - turkey, asparagus, dressing, potatoes - and the desert of pumpkin pie was great too. I went to bed very contented.

This morning I woke up with a really bad cough, and it was hard to breathe. You see, Steven wanted to be a b*****d so on Thursday when we hung out, he coughed on me while he was sick... and so it's been like this since Sunday, but today was a bit worse and I figured it'd be an easy ticket out of school, so I complained and was allowed to stay home. I slept all day and watched the first episode of Naruto subbed, which was really annoying because I don't really like the anime, but since it's Naruto I tolerated and will try to continue doing so. Well, today was nothing exciting and I probably wouldn't of noted it if it wasn't for being sick, and that today is none other then... NARUTO'S BIRTHDAY! Yep. xD And since I'm such a nerd, I went around on MSN giving everyone this exact picture.

User Image

... Now isn't that just the prettiest picture you ever saw? Well, seriously, it's retarded. xD;; But what do you expect from something 10-minutes drawn in an MSN chat window? I sent that to 'him' too, but he had nothing to say... XD Probably figured it wasn't worth commenting about. Neh, he STILL thinks I'm annoying... I can tell ... It's hard to shed that image about me because in all honesty I know I am. Well, maybe if I pretended to care less... HAH! Like that'll happen. I wear my damn heart on a sleeve. Agh, sorry, this is about Naruto... Naaaruto... Deep breaths... Okay. ^__^

Well, anyways, bout time for me to go, ne? Sorry if this seemed extremely rushed... It was. xD;; Night night.