So, there is this lovely girl at my school with hair that glistens like the morning sun and a skin tone that blends perfectly with the California sand. Her disposition is pure as the driven snow, and she has care for all creatures. I wrote a beautiful sonata about my undying love to her...I didnt use our names as a literary device. I slipped it into her locker with a second note asking her to Homecoming.

The next day my spirits were high as many a male patted me on the back with a glisten in their eye. Then I saw her...standing all alone by her locker...waiting for me. I stepped forward, and again, and again. I almost reached her when...INTERSEPTED.

Another girl had blocked my path. Her hair was dark as coal with many a 'pig-tail' (am I using that word/phrase correctly?). Her skin was pale as snow, I suspected powder or flour of some sort. She had thick black rings around her eyes, much like a typical raccoon. Decked entirely in black garb, with thousands of spikey black bracelt running up her arms (they reminded me of a collar I saw on a rather large dog once, I tried to pet him. But that is a different story all together.).

She looked through her thick rimmed glasses at my shoes, but I could see tears of joy glimmering in her eyes. She handed me the note that I had slipped into my beloved's locker yesterday. 'I-Is th-this from ya-ya-you?' she stammered. 'Why yes, it is.' I replied.

She looked up barely believing my words. 'I hope you dont think that this is for you. I only like pretty girls. And I dont think that you fit under either of those categories.' I plucked it from her hand. 'Thank you.' I said with my departure over to the pretty girl with the blonde hair's locker.

I must have put the note in the dark one's locker by mistake. Freak. Ah, all worked out in the end didnt it? Well, for everyone except the ugly little freak that is. She was absolutely bawling in the bathroom, I wonder why...