this poem I got was an Idea after listining to a smashing pumkins song "love is suiside" this poem has nothing to do with the auother or any of the aouther's relationship, any simularity to the aouther or his girlfriend is a total conuncidence and if anyone is asking no I am not depressed, I just feel like writting a depressing poem.
Love is suiside
sitting infront of the computer,
putting on youtube videos that I don't watch,
it calms the nervs
the phone rings I pick it up and press send
"hello?" *I say into the phone*
it's my girlfriend she's carveing my name into her wrist again
I laugh and start talking about how my boss wants to kill me
as I look at my wrist I wounder how her name will look on my wrist
probaly beautiful, everything about her is beautiful
God hits me on the side of the head and tells me to snap out of it
God has been hitting me more
and Jesus is always partting, he knows how to party
my girlfriend told me to talk to Satan
I told her I did and he said the reservations are full
I told her I have to go and try to think of something to do
she says "******** you, I never liked you anyways"
I told her I love you too and let her hang up
then I turn on the television and watch a mindless show
CSI always makes me at ease