My life sucks and im am all alone today. my friends have deserted me today. and i feel like my heart has been ripped into so many little pieces that they all could be thread through the eye of a needle. that is why my life sucks so bad. my girlfriend alomost left me for a ******** rumor. i wanted to kill the person whoever started it. my life revolves around her and if she is gone from my life my life is not worthe living. if she breaks up with me my heart will break and i will die inside. but that is why hope guies me through the day and espically through the night, so that the last time she leaves my sight, it will not be the last time i look upon her. and i want every one to know that the sun stops midstreem so that her and her bueaty never dies. i love her so much and i hate life. but the only thing is that friends like kitsue, my family (except parents), and espically my girlfriend keep me sane and that is also another thing for living.
PS live ur life and ur day as if it were the last day on earth that is why i love to hand out with my girlfriend so much, i dont want to lose her and if i do i'll die. so that retarded saying keep your friends close and keep your enimies closer. ******** that. if it the last day on earth keep you're friends as close as posible.
PPS i love DARK BUFFY!!!!!!