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Simleys and Descriptions
smile Happy.
smile Happy midget smiley.
wink Winky.
sad Sad.
:-> Sarcastic smiley.
>:-> User just made a really devilish remark.
>;-> Winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made.
%-) User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight.
#-) Oh, what a night!
:-I Indifferent smiley.
(-: User is left handed.
biggrin User is laughing (at you!).
:-O Oops/Surprise/Yelling/Shocked.
surprised Uh oh!
:*) User is drunk.
cool User is wearing sunglasses.
:'-( User is crying.
:'-) User is so happy, s/he is crying.
( smile Bald/Egghead.
:-@ Screaming/Swearing/Very Angry/About To Be Sick.
:-# Been Smacked In The Mouth/Wears A Brace/My lips are sealed.
:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab).
razz Sticking Out Tongue.
:-S User just made an incoherent statement.
:-X A Kiss/Lips Are Sealed.
8-O Omigod!!

O smile User is an angel (at heart, at least).
~~ sad So stupid, smoke is coming out of your brain.
:-& User is tongue tied.
:-$ Biting one's tongue/Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.
:-" Whistling smiley.
|-I User is asleep.
|-o Bored.
|-O User is yawning/snoring.
- smile User is a punk rocker.
- sad Real punk rockers don't smile.
= smile Smiley is a punk rocker.
= sad Real punk rockers don't smile.
8 smile A Pig/A Little Girl/Glasses on forhead.
smile -8 User is a Big girl.
smile 8< Big girl smiley.
' smile Has One Eyebrow.
, smile Same thing...other side.
:-Q User is a smoker.
confused User smokes a pipe.
:-{ Mustache.
:-{) User has a mustache.
{ smile User wears a toupee.
} sad Toupee in an updraft.
B-) User wears horn-rimmed glasses.
:-{} User wears lipstick.
: smile User wears glasses.
[ smile User is wearing a walkman.
[:] User is a robot.
[] Hugs and ...
]:-> The Devil.
) cool Smiley is ready to party all night.
+- smile User is the Pope or holds some other religious office.
;^) Smirking.
!-( Black Eye.
# smile Matted Hair/Fur Hat/Crewcut/Messy Hair.
$-) Yuppie/Just Won A Large Sum Of Money.
%- Has A Hangover.
%-6 User is braindead.
&-| That made me cry.
&-e Disappointed smiley.
& smile Curly Hair.
(-) Needs A Haircut.
(- neutral smile Siamese Twins.
(:+) Has A Big Nose.
( sad The saddest smiley.
( biggrin Has A Big Mouth.
) sad Nordic smiley.
) smile Impish smiley.
)O-) Scuba smiley.
*< smile User is wearing a Santa Claus Hat.
*< smile > Santa.
*<| smile Santa/A Clown.
+ smile Priest smiley.
+< neutral Monk/Nun.
,-) A One Eyed Winky.
,-} Wry and winking smiley.
-=* smile User is a TeX wizard.
.-) User only has one eye.
:#) Drunk smiley.
:'( Smiley is having a pity party in your honor.
sad Sad-turtle smiley.
:* Kisses.
:,( Crying.
:-! A Smoker/Foot in mouth.
:-'| Has A Cold/Flu.
sad *) That comment made me sick.
sad =) Bucktooth smiley.
smile ' Tends To Drool.
smile )) Is Very Fat.
smile -o Smiley doctor with a stethoscope.
smile ~ User drools.
:-* Just Ate Something Sour/Bitter Taste/Kiss.
:-----} Liar/Pinnochio.
:--8---- Dragonfly smiley.
:-/ User is skeptical.
:-: Mutant smiley; the invisible smiley.
:-< Walrus smiley.
:-[ A Vampire/Count Dracula/Pouting/Sarcastic.
:- Undecided smiley.
:-] Smiley blockhead.
:-` User spitting out its chewing tobacco.
:-`| Smiley with a fever.
neutral Disgusted/Grim/No Expression.
neutral -----= Anorexic smiley.
neutral neutral Deja'vu.
neutral >< Message from the thief: Hands up!
:-} Toasted, inebriated, sloshed smiley.
:-}X Bow tie-wearing smiley.
:-~) User has a cold.
:-3 Handlebar mustache smiley.
:-6 Smiley after eating something spicy.
:-7 User juust made a wry statement.
:-8( Condescending.
:-9 User is licking his/her lips.
:-a Smiley touching her tongue to her nose.
:-c Real unhappy smiley.
:-C User is really bummed.
:-d Said with a smile.
:-E Bucktoothed vampire.
:-F Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing.
surprised >-[] Agape American tourist with camera.
:-r Smiley raspberry.
:-T Keeping A Straight Face/Tight Lipped.
:-t Pouting smiley.
:-TM Lawyer smiley.
:-V Shouting smiley.
:-w Speak with forked tongue.
:-y Said With A Smile.
:/) Extremely bignosed smiley.
:= Beaver smiley.
:=) Orangutan/Has Two Noses.
:=| Baboon smiley.
:> What?
:@ What?
:[ Real Downer.
:/ A Woodpecker.
:] Gleep. A friendly midget smiley who will glady be your friend.
:^) User has a broken nose.
:^D Talk show smiley.
:_) A Boxer/Had a Fight/Nose Is Sliding Of Face.
:{ What?
:} What should we call these?
:~(~~ Crying.
:~-( Crying/Shed A Tear.
:~i Smoking smiley.
: cool Piggish smiley.
:C What?
biggrin Laughter.
:I Hmmm...
:O Yelling.
:Q What?
:v) User has a broken nose, but it's the other way.
< neutral Dunce smiley.
<:-I User is a dunce.
<<<< smile Hat salesman.
<|-) User is Chinese.
<|-( User is Chinese and doesn't like these kind of jokes.
<|| smile Toupee in an updraft.
<||| neutral ||) Smiley lives in a multi-story apartment building.
=| smile = Uncle Sam/Abe Loncoln.
><* surprised DX A Clown.
><:>== A Turkey.
>> smile Devil/Horrible User.
>>:-<< Mad.
>>>>( smile A Hat Salesman.
?-( Black eye.
@ smile User is wearing a turban.
@:-} Smiley just back from the hairdresser.
@:i Genie smiley.
@= User is pro-nuclear war.
^o Snoring.
{@ smile } Genie in a bottle.
|-( Lost Contact Lenses.
|-) hee hee.
|-D ho ho.
|:-O Flattop loudmouth smiley.
|^o Hepcat smiley.
|~( Someone just busted my nose.
|I Asleep.
}:^#) Pointy-nosed smiley in an updraft.
~ surprised A Baby.
~~:-[ Net Flame.
0-) Smiley after smoking a banana.
3 surprised A Cow.
3:[ Mean Pet smiley.
8 smile User is a wizard.
8 :-I Net.unix-wizards.
8-# Dead smiley.
8:] Gorilla.
8< smile Smiley is a wizard.
b smile A Baseball Fan/Has A Cap On.
B smile Sun Glasses On Head.
C= smile User is a chef.
d smile Baseball-player smiley.
d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat.
E- smile User is a Ham radio operator.
E-:-I Net.ham-radio.
K razz User is a little kid with a propeller beenie.
O |-) Net.religion.
O-) Megaton Man On Patrol!/Scuba diver.
o-<:-{{{ Santa.
O|-) Taoist monk.
P-( Pirate smiley.
P-) A Pirate.
R-) Broken Glasses.
X-( User just died/You are brain dead.
X smile Little kid with a propeller beanie.

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