The weekend has finally begun! And a long weekend it is, not to mention one of my favourite holidays ... Thanksgiving!

Today we had very shortened periods because today was Spirit Day at Ferris, which meant we had a football game going on in the afternoon which everyone was required to go to.

Everyone that is... Unless you don't.

Me and Azzy/Britt were NOT planning to go to the football game, because it was readily agreed amongst us that football is a boring sport. Besides, why watch football in the freezing cold when you could be NOT cold and hanging out with your friends inside? Well, that's what we did.

I'm glad that the periods were only a half an hour today, because morning is such a killjoy for me. Besides having so many depressing thoughts in my head, I know no one in my morning periods and they don't like me in the least bit. ESPECIALLY Business.

With Business, the only time anyone talks to me is to ask what music I'm listening to, or what I'm drawing. My music is very wierd and I get touchy about it, so the first time I was asked I snapped at the person, but I felt bad later so I apologized about it. ( I think she was laughing at me anyways and afterwards went to tell her friends about it... -_-;; ) Then the second time that same person asked what I was drawing, and since I was drawing the sharingan at the time, I was NOT going to tell her that and simply shrugged and said, "It's a design." which of course you cannot think up anything mean about that. Then there's that stupid Survivor activity our teacher makes us do, and I was paired up with four guys I don't know who have no interest whatsoever in what I'm doing or what I could be doing. I bet I'm the first one they vote out ... Not like I'd mind, they don't give a damn about me and frankly I don't give a damn about them either.

Media Arts is comprised of ... me drawing and otherwise silence. I think if I had to spend my whole life in Media Arts, I'd forget how to speak.

Cooking class is definiately alot better, since Azzy's in it so we spend the whole period drawing whatever and talking. The rest of the class doesn't care for me though, but again I don't care because they look like they'd be snotty anyways. Well, we had fruit smoothies in cooking today, and they WERE SO GOOD! O_O Honestly, it's too bad I don't have a blender. We drank our smoothies then I got Azzy to draw the ANBU symbol on my arm in black ink. xD It's cool, but I wish she could of drawn it bigger.

FINALLY! Then it was lunch! I was certainly not going to fourth period lest they make us stay. ( Azzy said they'd be guarding all the entrances to make sure people wouldn't leave. ) So, we went to Azzy's house where I watched a few AMVs with her, but she wanted to go to Mike's Mart so we went.

She got Hershey's stuff, and I got Aero, but most interesting was not the chocolate ... but the trip. Particularly the trip back. On our way out of the store, we saw a group of girls hanging out across the road waiting for the bus, and I'm not sure whether they were being extremely random, or if they were shouting this at us, but all of the sudden out of no where came...


... xD;; Wow. Me and Azzy just collapsed in giggles. Real boys? Well, duh, what other kind is there? Unless you're into Pinnochio or something, and I wouldn't doubt that there's someone out there who actually is... O_o; Freaky fetishes, indeed.

Well, we finally got back to Azzy's house, and then we went up to her bedroom where she wanted to play Knights of the Old Republic II. I was really cold ( She leaves the window open and her fans running ALL THE TIME... ) so I wrapped myself in blankets, but I kind of fell asleep.

I was later rudely awakened by someone pouncing on me... And that someone being Brandon, AKA Bran-Boy, our loveable little cereal scamp! I growled at being awakened, but I knew I shouldn't of fell asleep in the first place, so I got up and we went downstairs where Bran had hooked up the Playstation. Apparently he wanted to play Legends of Dragoon. So, he started up the game and then fled upstairs to see Azzy, and I stayed downstairs and kept staring at the beginning video which kept replaying over and over because no one was clicking any buttons...

So that music kept playing... And that blonde spiky-haired guy whom's hairstyle reminded me of Sasuke kept looking at me... And then that other music kept playing... Over and over... and Over... Until Azzy's brother Kyle got annoyed and turned down the volume. Oh, did I mention Kyle is crazy? >_>;; He tried to light my hair on fire again today.

Well, finally Bran came downstairs to play, but he started a new game for whatever reason. I watched, very confused, he explained some things ... then suddenly he restarted it and opened up his actual file. I couldn't understand for the life of me why he bothered with that since I was leaving in two seconds anyways. I explained this, was about to make my leave, when he said, "Oh." and shut off the game.

Then why did you drag me through the introduction? O_o Well, I yelled goodbye upstairs, then fled away on my bike and went home where I immediately got onto the computer.

At this time, I was in a fairly good mood, but you should know when I'm in a good mood, something bad always happens... and thus I saw 'his' name and just became unbelievably upset again. Still upset about that girl... And now it's influencing how he's always feeling, how he is around others, and that he's assuredly left with nothing.

Nothing... Yeah, I suppose I'm nothing... afterall...

None-the-less, I hate to see him like this.. I hate to see him in so much pain! I hate it beyond everything! I want him to be happy, I want him to enjoy these days ... I want to do anything in my power to help him. But what could I do? If I could, I would try to talk that girl into accepting him, except for the fact that she's dating my friend, and that she doesn't know me and has no reason to listen to me. However... No matter what, I'll stand by him... Even if it means that being with someone other then me is what makes him happy, then I will do everything I can to make sure that he gets there. The only problem is... HOW can I accomplish these goals? I simply don't know what to do! Sitting here without being unable to do a thing while he suffers is so unfuriating...

... I just want him to be happy... What am I supposed to do?