Yesterday I went shopping with Gabby. It was supposed to be something exciting to take our minds off the depressing occurances in our lives, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite that way.

It took me a while to get to Widdifield where she was waiting, and I was glomped immediately where Gabby explained that she was worried that I had got into an accident or something, and actually called my mom about it. >_>;; Well, actually, I missed the first bus, so I needed to wait a while, and then transferring takes a long time anyways... In any case, after I finished calling my mom and telling her I was infact okay and that Gabby just loves to over-exaggerate, I went back to the entrance where Mel and Steven were.

Mel was being extremely hyper and frightening. xD;; Like before I walked into the school, she ran into the door and made a funny face at me. Steven was acting all depressing and stony, and I couldn't help but think that somehow, someway he knew what me and Gabby were discussing last night.

You see, Gabby wanted Steven to spend Thanksgiving with her, but instead he chose to go two-hundred miles away to visit his grandma in Cochrane, the most boring town in the history of the world. And trust me, I know, because my dad's family lives there. In any case, this made Gabby very, VERY upset and she considered breaking with Steven ... but she also had developed a system where she will see less of Steven, for you see, now all requests to go over to one another's house must go through ME, and Gabby insists on only letting her go to Steven's twice a week. I can only hope that this system works and helps better their crumbling relationship.

Well, so Steven's parents gave us a ride to the mall, and we tried to get Steven to come with us, but he didn't want to so we left him, intending to have our own fun and forgetting about boys for a day.

Naturally, this did not happen.

After a while, Gabby got all depressed and didn't want to do anything because Steven wouldn't listen to her and stay instead of going to Cochrane, and she really wanted to spend his last day here with him, but instead he wanted to stay home. This in turn, got me thinking of 'him' and then I wouldn't shut up about my feelings and stuff and I felt really selfish afterwards.

Well, after a while Gabby tried to call Steven and talk him into coming, but he insisted he 'wasn't allowed' and he had 'laundry to do.' Of which both excuses I'm pretty absoloutely sure were lies. So me and Gabby stayed for a little longer, had a burger at McDonalds ( I don't usually eat there because it's so fatty... and some wierd gross looking 40-year old fat guy kept looking at me REALLY strangely the whole time I was there... T__T ) we got her shoes ... then we decided we'd go see Steven like I knew we eventually would. I enjoy walking there anyways, it's better then looping around the mall fifty times.

So we called Steven on Collect Call, which Gabby made me do because she was afraid Steven wouldn't accept if she did her voice ... but I wasn't sure what was going on so instead of saying my name, I said "What?" .. and that was how I'd be addressed. xD;; Steven picked up anyways, but I laughed for at least a good ten minutes. "Would you like to take a collect call from 'What?'" XDD Anyways, Steven of course was too lazy to come to the mall, and he was too lazy to meet us, but eventually I convinced him ( Or more like yelled at him ) to meet us at the bridge, so we took off.

On the way wasn't too exciting, but I enjoy walks none-the-less. The following events were: Being afraid of being raped ( Did I forget to mention it was pitch dark? ) talking about strange secrets, being afraid of being raped again, meeting Gabby's mom in front of the supermarket, and FINALLY finding Steven who... attempted to push me off the bridge. >_>;; Well, Gabby was very happy to see Steven, and I must admit things get a little more cheery when he's around.

Well, we were walking down the road, and then suddenly I'm, "Can we go that way?" Which was past Ricky's house. Gabby and Steven looked at me and chorused, "Of course!" And Gabby ran off saying she was going to knock at Ricky's door. I blanched and stopped her, being a faster runner then her when she has her back-pack on ... but Steven can out-run me so he went instead. I bit my lip and just sighed--I just wanted to walk past his house, not bother him...

However, once we got there, no one wanted to knock on the door so we just stood around... Well, except for me, who was dancing in the parking lot. xD Gabby and Steven tried to force me to knock at the door, but I wouldn't because I knew Ricky wouldn't want to see anyways, so what was the point? Well, he ended up coming out anyways, because some older guy ( Ernie? ) came out of the house and Gabby told him to fetch Ricky. Well, he came outside, but I tried to mask my nervousness and just kept babbling on to Steven ... who soon left me to go talk with Gabby and Ricky.

So, in dismay, I ran after Steven to tackle his shoulders, and um.. xD;; It was a little TOO effective, because we both ended up on the ground. I laughed like a mad-man because there was nothing else I could do--besides, it WAS pretty funny. Ricky said Steven deserved it, and seeing as Steven was too lazy to meet up with us earlier, I wholesomely agreed.

So, I stood around not saying much, but then Ricky went inside to get his coat and shoes so I assumed he'd been walking with us where ever, so like an over-enthusiastic idiot, I proclaimed really loudly, "Come on! Let's run! Let's gooo! So slow!" ... But of course no one followed, and I meekly returned. x_x However, I still kept the hyped-up-over-enthusiastic attitude that's like a sugar warped more exaggerated version of my cheerful personality to avoid being cliche-fully shy like I always get when I'm around him.

So, we kept talking... except I didn't address anything to Ricky specifically, and he didn't address anything to me specifically... It was like Gabby at that moment was some kind of filter, which was really wierd. But even wierder, Gabby kept torturing that poor rocking horse, and I kept swatting her hand away saying she likes "horsie-porn" until she got fed up and declared, "Fine, I'll just do it from behind!"

... Which sounded oh-so very wrong. I was in giggles, Steven snickered, and Ricky just looked traumitized and tried to pretend he didn't hear what he did. We took that opportunity to bring up the "Porn Incident" from Steven's party, and I just stated that porn is cheesy. It's a fact, people. xD

Well, anyways, Ricky seemed to be getting extremely cold, so he invited everyone inside ( Except Steven, who he said could stay outside. XD ) but Gabby decided then it was time to go, and made her farewells. I bid a very squeaky hyper embarrassing "Bye Ricky!" with the vigorous hand-wave and all, and told him in a more darker voice that I hope someday he'll bother adding me to his MSN, then skipped off after Gabby. Later when my sugar high wore off I hoped we would of stayed longer.

We finally reached Steven's house, where we immediately tried to find a way to get home. Uh-oh. I had no money, and Steven's dad was out! There was nothing we could do, and me and Gabby were getting desperate. I had already been yelled at over the phone, and I was indefiniately grounded from ever going out anywhere during weekdays again. Shame, this always seems to happen every semester... Well, finally after a grueling hour or two, my mom agreed to pick me up ( I invited Gabby to come along, but she said her dad was coming. ) and I had to wait quite a while in front of the school for her to come.

In that time, I got cold waiting around so I decided to practice some sort of Tekken-esque kung fu on the nearest tree ... until I got bored, so then I started dancing with it instead. I found out later that night that Gabby had seen me... xD;; Oh, and a policeman stopped me too wondering what I was doing standing mysteriously in front of a school so late and night, and I explained... which he believed ( Hey, I was telling the truth, but he still took that far too easy for a cop... ) and drove off immediately.

When I was picked up, I was given very silent treatment, and then I went straight to bed.. after spending an hour on the computer, of course.