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Ok so this is a little rant! Why is it that everyone who likes to roleplay yaoi or shounen ai always wants to be a goddamn Uke. Not everyone is like that in real life. Someone show some backbone for christs sake. Ok so they may bottom when you get to it by why do all the uke roleplayers make their characters so goddamn stereotypically girly that they might as well change their sex. It's called Yaoi for a reason people.

We don't want to roleplay with females with male parts. It isn't right. Show some attitude. Be like a real guy. Ok girls playing guys fine but please just make your goddamn characters original. Not crying every five minutes, so shy that they don't even talk to their parents or has to be protected from everything by the more dominant character. I don't want to be the one being the goddamn plot mover.

If that is not everything I think of Seme as more dominant, the leading character in the relationship if ya get what I mean yet why is it that I get shouted at for making my characters like that. THAT IS WHAT SEME IS!!!!!!!! Hell I don't give a damn about seme or uke or even seke. Those terms frickin annoy me. In real life we do not go around saying i'm an uke ******** me! We flirt, we kiss, we have sex. We don't care who's more dominant. We don't act a certain way so for christ's sake don't make your characters like that.

Then there's the damn femal characters who I usually roleplay against. Mary sues the lot of them. They have the perfect figures, the perfect skin, the perfect hair and they are so powerful! Or in the medieval times they are powerful warriors. HELLO WOMEN WEREN'T ALLOWED TO USE WEAPONS. If people are going to do roleplays in history know your damn facts. I'm sorry this is making me sound like a moaning ******** but it annoys me when I start a roleplay thinking it'll be brilliant and then this damn whiny gary sue Uke comes out or this mary sue who ruins the whole goddamn thing. I think I attract them and then these people have the nerve to call themselves advanced literates. I don't like classing people but hell if you're advanced you know what a damn mary sue is. Give your character a flaw for christ's sake and not the fact that they look highly feminine or masculine. Grr.

That's the end of my rant.

Mood: Furious
Music i'm listening to: Room of Angels from silent hill 4 OST

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