it is true what they say about foxes, that they are beatiful and clever. I do wish to be one as well, if only I did have the ability to grant such a wish. by the time I would be one, I would be running across a field, jumping around in the beautiful tall grass. pouncing on mouses, playing with other foxes and pawing at them. it is truly beatiful, as I keep my wish to become one, or half a fox if that's all I am to choose. so, I've decided to be a fox, and not a human being...but only in my mind do I think of that. I am sly, and a fox...a SlyFox ^^

((and dont worry, the technology for making us half-animals is not too far. we've just entered the Digital Age, an epoch of an era of genetics, where we will discover many genetic wonders and become who we want to become, not our ugly human selves, but probably half of that. I have knowledge of such thing, but no one believes it. my mind works with creativity, not knowledge. this creativity I mix in with education is what makes me the smart person I am today, though I don't show it, for it would make others jealous, or worse, they would envy me. if I wasted your time reading this, I apologize.))

aka SlyFox04