GUESS WHAT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY FRORNSNFMDFDN. I'm sixteen now, SIXTEEEEEN! -giddy- I'm the legal age to drive. <333 Nyuh~!

So anyways, I had a huge party last night, and like all huge parties ( Alright, not HUGE... About 12 people. ) things got really crazy. Okay, this is what went down. Everyone arrived--Only four people couldn't come and that's Kora, Marley, Nika, and Steph--and automatically Julia and Kelly started some crazy pillow fight thingy, chasing eachother around the house., however this... THIS ... was only a warning of what was to come. Ricky and Sheldon came in a little late, and then Steven and Gabby were the last ones to get here. Well, naturally Ricky, Chloe, and Steven went downstairs to play Four Swords, and Sheldon went upstairs to join Dustin and Aaron in a game of Soul Calibur III. I was kind of rotating between the two video game parties, watching Four Swords and challenging people to Calibur matches. ( I got defeated a few times, but my win quota was much higher. (: ) Oh, and the rest of the people were being crazy inside, outside, sitting around and eating pizza, and well you know.

... Eventually, Britt and Brandon got bored and wanted to go to Tim Hortons, and this is when the chaos first begun.

So I hustled up everyone, and demanded that we were going to Tim Hortons. Some people protested, but they had no choice because I strong-armed them into coming by saying that they had to since no one else was staying ... I didn't know I'd be wrong at the time. Kelly, Julia, and Aaron stayed behind, protesting that they wanted some alcohol, and since they wouldn't be moved we left them behind. Automatically Ricky, Dustin, and Steven took off like lightning down the street, and I was forced to run to keep up with them despite the fact that I don't have very much stamina, and I was wearing flip-flops. I told them to slow down and stop leaving me in the dark because it's dangerous to leave a young lady unguarded at such times, and while they were pretending to be ninjas at the time, they suddenly declared, "WE MUST PROTECT THE PACKAGE!" And thus I because some sort of... 'package' where they claimed if I was harmed "they'd loose and need to start over." ... I couldn't help but sigh and smote my forehead while laughing inside. So down the street we went, through forest-y paths, until we reached the park where I demanded we stopped since we left the others far behind, and since I'm the so 'package' it was decided I needed to be listened to.

So finally Sheldon, Chloe, Brittany, and Brandon caught up to us, and we were almost immediately off, and thankfully this time everyone walked ... although whenever I ran, I was followed and that was just freakin' hilarious. Eventually we arrived upon Tim Hortons, and let me tell you my throat was PARCHED from all that running, so I went to get a chocolate milk, however when I came back to the table, the Terrible Trio of Ninjas were gone! Needless to say, I was NOT pleased, so I ran after them along with Steven, although not like I had even a slight chance of catching up... those ninjas ran like lightning! Me and Steven met up with Alex, Daniel, Joey, and Jeff who were going to Tim Hortons and were surprised to see me, but I told them I didn't have time to talk because I was looking for someone. Automatically Daniel responded, "Oh, I saw Ricky run that one." And he pointed in the long way path of my house, and of which I sighed angrily and ran off on, Steven following me.

Eventually we realized that we weren't going to catch up, so with a glare we set back the way we came. At some point we caught up Brittany, Christie, Brandon, and Chloe, where we explained what we doing and they just 'tsk'd' me and said I shouldn't of wasted my time, afterall the only reason Ricky would stay for anyone is if they looked like Sasuke... and therefore I should dress up as Sasuke for Halloween. I just cried in protest and hit everyone, but they just laughed even if I was laughing a LITTLE bit. When we reached the Co-op point, I started running to get there quicker, not even stopping to take a breath, my toes smarting from tripping over my flip-flops so many times, and eventually I reached home. I was worried that they would of got lost, and hoped they were there, but luckily my fears were unfounded and everyone was in a big tangle in the living room. My arrival got everyone's attention, and I yelled angrily about being left behind, then simply collapsed in a heap of exhaustion. The ninjas shared with me tales of being chased by a wolf, which I really doubt since there are pratically no wolves around here... but it might of been a coyote or a fox.

But this wasn't the end of my problems, oh no, far from it. You see, by the time I got back, the three girls Julia, Gabby ( Who refused to run so stayed behind ), and Kelly were piss drunk and running amuk. Aaron had tried to half their drinking, but it obviously didn't work since that vodka bottle was empty. So, I had three squealing drunk girls on my hands, running about crazily, and I feared for my homely possessions. So, I spent the next hour to two hours sulking where ever I could, outside, downstairs, my room, the living room ... where ever it was quiet. Dustin seemed to be facing some problems too, and I sat with him for a while, singing my favourite Fullmoon wo Sagashite songs. However, although I was sad, Ricky and Sheldon cheered me up a bit by promising to protect and keep everything under order, and I just smiled ( I think ) and said thank you, even though I felt like I was going to be sick. They did help by making sure the girls didn't go outside, picking up anything that fell over, and giving me kind words for which I'm grateful. I tried to enjoy myself a bit more, but it didn't work much.

I sat in my room for a bit with some people, then decided to open the presents that people brought--though I told them not to--and almost everyone got me a sketchbook. Therefore, I have about five sketchbooks now. The cards were heartwarming, and I truly liked them, so I gave everyone a grateful smile and a hug. After that point however, the drunk girls came in so I left and went outside for a bit.

Then came the time Ricky and Sheldon had to leave. I went to the door to see them off, and Ricky rushed up the stairs while... tripping on the last one and falling flat on his face. Everyone giggled a bit, and I just stood there with a bit of smile, wanting to help him up but I ended up not doing so. I stood by the door while he was preparing to leave, and everyone above over the little railing was mouthing things at me and making wild gestures, but I just smiled and stared back blankly. I knew what they were saying, and I wanted to, but I simply didn't have it in me. However, just when Ricky was about to go out the door, Steven saved my life by saying, "Wait, Ricky! Aren't you forgetting to give someone a hug?" Where Ricky turned around and stared at me, then just opened his arms. I wasn't sure what to do at this point, should I do it? I stared blankly at him... then at my feet ... wondering what I should do, when all the suddenly something in me just slapped my concious and moved my feet, and I literally jumped into his arms, where everyone in the background cheered.

Just that moment made everything worth it.

.. However, I was extremely embarrassed afterwards, and dashed like a demon was after me up the stairs, accidentally bumping in the Sheldon, not saying a word, then running into my room for about three minutes. I knew I needed to come out and say goodbye to Sheldon, so I retreated from my room, and caught them just as they were leaving, and shouted, "Goodbye! Thank you for coming!"

From then onwards, I was happy as could be. Things settled down, the drunk girls said sorry for their actions, and everyone just sat down and played some nice rounds of Calibur, where I beat just about everyone except Chloe, who despite never playing before turned out to be extraordinarily good at the game with Xiangua. So slowly everyone drifted out the door, and I said goodbye one-by-one, until eventually only Kelly, Gabby, Julia, and Chloe were left, but they were staying the night anyways.

Yes, all in all.. It was a good party. Crazier then a bucket of frogs, but everyone had fun, almost everyone came, and it was all good in the end.

So.. That's the accounts of my party. If you actually read through all of this, I applaud you like there's no tomorrow... God, it actually took me an hour to write. O_o Well, I have to move onto doing other things now. Sayonara minna wa! <3