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Yay for Sam!
This is my own crud! Hurray!.....Umm right...collection of thoughts...and stuff...and what not...Hmm..Hamburgers!...and like stuff..cause...umm right! Whee!
New Updated RP Profile.
The Story of Sam the Dark Archangel:

A long time ago before even man came around he lived in a paradise of Alantis where peace was always there. There was no troubles in the paradise just perfectness around the area. Until...a war broke out in Alantis pitting human kind against machines it lasted forever it did..He never what happened the details were bleaked but he still remembers the laugh of evil. Anyways heaven needed a new leader they heavens look for the father of and King of Alantis. The heavens picked him because of his leadership and also his family to join. However as many did not know he was corrupt, he power seeking led him to use his own son as a tool nothing more than that. Sam had a power unlike the other angels. An evil power seeping through his viens, the Angel Demon as they call it..They were afraid and no one knew why however. He was the Archangel of Judgement and judge each person for their actions, however he also went against his father's wishes. He wished not to but he needed to because of the tests..on the human.s He didn't not know that each human prescuted went to the lab to be tested and their souls stripped to become angels. He was shocked and left heaven forever..He crossed out the mark of the angles and left heaven forever.. Until now he was not a Dark Archangel..he touched a jewel with his friend and he became this way..Now he is alone and becoming stronger..

He hides from his father ideals because he knows that one day heaven will die. But..he also works for the devil himself, doing some duites that he wishes that he doesn't want to do. However he does them anyway..he wonders why he does them. For spite maybe but otherwise he does them because it gets him money and also power. He is also much stronger than his last transformation, he now knows what his power limitation is. Unfortunately his newfound power also caused him to go crazy at one point.. But..he survived that as well. Now..he justs hides in the Haven as for the most part waiting for someone.


Height: 6'0"
Eyes:One red and one brown
Facial hair:None
Scars:All over his body and large one on his right eye.

Weapons and magic

Weapons:Katana, Dark and Light Excabulair blades,Kunais,Paper Bombs,Guns. (Doesn't carry everything) And his chains from his body too. Also carriers also most of the time an amulet or..the ocassion scroll.

Magic:Elemental magic such as water,fire,earth..etc. Also knows Trasnformation,Summoings..Pacts, Seals now. Cloning magic.

Martial art style.

Fighting Style: Similar to a Dragon Style, Drunken Master, Fast hard hitting speed attacks. Also Death Stlye, Basic and Advanced Military Close Combat Quarters.

Heir Kaiba
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