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I haven't updated in here in a while, but last Wednesday I hit the jackpot in Transformers. I set out to look for the Toys R Us Exclusive Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal vs. Megatron 2-pack and found not only that, but the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Optimus Primal and Megatron, 6" Titanium War Within Jetfire, and the 6" Titanium War Within Thundercracker. When I thought I wouldn't find anything else till November, I was proven wrong.

Today I brought my mother to a place on Division Street where she was going to be fitted for a dress for my sister's upcoming wedding (For those who read my previous journal entry, my mother's surgery went very well. She's in a little pain, but the good news is that she is going to be alright). Since I didn't want to stick arond for this sort of thing, I decided to explore more of the stores on the street. I noticed a store (that I later found out was called Neet Stuff) that had some Star Wars toys in the window. When I walked in I sae that it was almost wall-to-wall vintage toys. I saw stuff I haven't seen since I was little, but most importantly, they had vintage Transformers! They had a case full of them along with a few Voltrons, Megazords, and a bunch of other various robot related stuff. I saw a bunch of stuff I already owned and a few things that I didn't. I must have counted at least 5 or 6 Generation 1 Soundwaves piled in the corner. The owner told me that what he had on display was only the tip of the iceburg since he still had stuff packed in boxes from a recent move to his current location. I thought to myself "Awsome" and "I got to come back here"! With that in mind, I got his buisness card and decided to get the Generation 1 Sandstorm and Pipes he had.

After dropping of my newest Autobots in my car, I decided to explore futher around the corner. To my surprise, I found a comic book store. They didn't have much Transformer-wise, but there were a few things such as Marvel Legends and a few other rare figures I might get as soon as I get paid.

After about 30 minutes of exploring some more, I decided to go check on my mother. Another 30 muinite wait and we were all ready to go home. My mother is going to back on Division Street next week for another fitting and I am definitly coming back with her.