Today my snaking abilities on MKDS have grown quite a bit my days towards my research on a new ultimate snake form are far but not out of reach. My essence
of time extends in the bounds of my mind a essence so pure in energy my body swirls with bursting light this energy is now known as the giga drive.
I have powers of Animalistic instict which are speed and flexibility which allow me to open vast amounts of energy and concentrate my self on squeezing tight spaces
my body also help in getting me through small areas. I also act like a animal in a
way my body senses when somebody is either looking for trouble or start a fight
I also have pools of wisdom which have scripts that may unfold my reason for living
unless I am mistaken my mind has given me premenitions of fate and time being together the pool of my essence brews with a written script everyone doesn't know
this but their lives are played out just like mind is but I can tell ahead of times.
that is why my poem in my signature said MY TIME DIVINE an essence that doesn't
realise it's fate is like a lamb waiting for a wolf to attack a easy prey.
this theory will be proven soon enough believe it. My research on everything has just begun so I may have some time or no time to decide my future unless I am decidedas a useless pawn.

This is DefconRazor32 sighning out this part bye and by the way talk2hand talk2hand talk2hand cause the hand ain't talkin to you. rofl