Infer Elade

Kaine Raton Clyne


Born a new phoenix upon the human plane, Kaine does not have the many years trademark for his race. However his years surpass mortals by far for some of his life was also spent within the realm of his ancestors, how he got there still unknown. Living a few years upon the human plane, it cannot be determined exactly how old he is although it is assumed that his age ranges between that of six hundred to one thousand years of life. Even so his childish appearance in mortal form does not suggest this, his height and nature that of a child no more than ten years of age.


A race thought only to be a myth among the humans, Kaine lives as one of the few remaining of his race within the plane of his family. For now he has no defined class of power, his definitive flame skills not yet developed high enough for it to be given a definite color. Like all children of his race, within the first twelve years of life the color of the flame, this being how each class is determine, stays between a large range of colors.


105 pounds




Kaine is normally seen wearing normal child’s clothing. Upon his upper body he wears a dark black mythril shirt, the sleeves dropping down below his elbows. His pants, not unlike his shirt, are black. However they are not entirely black, for a line of blue runs along the seam of the pants till it reaches just below the waist line. The pants reach down to his black sneakers, also black in color. Hooked upon the back of his pants is a bag filled with an assortment of weapons ranging from kunai knifes to shurikens. His blue hair flows easily over his face, at times falling over his blue emerald eyes. His face, still holding much of its childish features, is slightly rounded and at times slightly flushed with red. His light brown skin, the color akin to that of a mixed race child, is smooth without blemish. His hair trails elegantly over his face, its short length giving and air of cuteness about him. When going out to train or spar against someone his choice of clothing differs slightly, some additions and subtractions taking place. Upon his body he keeps the same dark shirt, however the sleeves are rolled up to his shoulders and pined to keep from falling down. From his fists to his elbow of both hands a gauntlet and armguard can be found, the material adamantium with a gold and silver luster. Upon his head he places a circlet, the material also adamantium. Upon his feet are now black, metal clad boots that, though the size, are quite easy and comfortable to move about with. A rare sight to any outside of his family is his fiery wing, its span a decent five feet in length that tends to simply appear upon his back if excitement rages beyond his control.

Weapons, Armor, etc.

Mythril Clothing

Kaine is clothed in mythril, a lightweight yet very strong material to defend against physical and energy attacks. Due to the treatment given to them they can also withstand the extreme heat he can release from his body.


A simple enough weapon that he learned to fight with first, they are his favorite as well as most used weapons besides things that he can throw. The gauntlets and armguards themselves have no oddities about them except for there incredible resistance to heat, able to withstand the temperature of the sun, and small size. In truth the gauntlets fit him like gloves, adamantium metal rested upon a rubber like material. As the glove reaches the wrist another, seemingly attached on, item can be found as the armguard picks up where the gauntlets let up. These armguards also made of adamantium, move up until it reaches his elbow. The adamantium of these weapons are especially strong, folded and compressed many times to give it increased defensive properties. The rubber like material beneath the metal gives him a resistance towards electrical attack.


These weapons have also been with him since he first began fighting. Not a favored as his gauntlet they seem to only serve as alternate weapons to guard with. Much like the armguards and gauntlets the shinguards and greaves have an extremely high resistance to heat. These same weapons are also made with the same adamantium and rubber materials and were created in the same fashion. The sizes of these weapons are appropriate for his size.


These weapons have been modified slightly to have special properties. These properties are known by the color of a string wrapped around them (kunai) or the painted tips of the blade (shuriken).

Black: These have no special properties to them.

Red/Melt shards: Combined with his incredible throwing speeds and ability to manipulate heat, he can cause the metal to liquefy. In doing so, he can assault his opponent with extremely hot liquid metal. This is normally used when his opponent makes the mistake of attempting to grab it or simply sidestep the attack. [Heat is normally raised to just below boiling point allowing the metal to transfer from solid to liquid within the moment needed. An example would be like throwing an ice cube into the sun from only twelve feet away.]

Blue/Explosive: These are basic explosive weapons that use heat once again to activate. Special cells or groves throughout the weapon are forged with a material that when heat is added it explodes. Since this material is streaked throughout the weapon in lines leading towards its tip the weapon, rather than being completely destroyed, breaks off into smaller sharp points that fly off in every forward direction. (up, down, left, right, diagonal, etc.)

Green/ Burners: This version simply uses heat to increase the temperature of the weapon to one just below its melting point. This will allow it to sear through an opponents bare body upon contact. It does not have to be thrown to achieve this.
Amount carried: Ten of each.


Childish mind games: Kaine is forever playing around, his attention span seeming to last in only short bursts before changing to another topic of interest. During fights he plays around as if this held true even then, forcing his opponent to make silly mistakes by assuming he his not pay full attention.

Hyperactive: Due to his hyperactive nature, this boy is always bustling with energy. During fights, this gives him somewhat of an edge that can also help in getting on his opponents nerves. However when he does run out of energy, he is normally in for a long nap.

Simple solutions: Kaine has the adept ability to solve complicated problems with rather childlike solutions. This is also a form of his childish mind games in a sense for it causes his opponent to become frustrated.

Calculating/Tactics: Kaine is no armature when it comes to tactical fighting and calculating during a match. His mind allows him to not only see extreme speeds, but react to them to counter appropriately. With tactics, although it seems to take him a while to execute one portion of his plan, he is damn near close to the tactical genius of his uncle.

Healing: Phoenix’s are known for their powerful healing abilities, this making them immune to biological assaults. They also have an extreme rate of regneration that start immediately after the wound is inflicted. The time it takes for this wound to heal depends on how much energy he has left as well as his will to heal. This regeneration can be stopped if feared to take up needed energy.

Natural Heat: Being a phoenix his body harbors immense heat, enough so to allow him to melt diamonds, that can be kept within or released to the outside environment. Using this he can create climate changes as well as counter physical attacks with burns.

Aura shield: Unlike his the complete defense his uncles aura provides, his aura provides defense in the given area of concentration. However because of this the aura is much stronger and harder to break than an aura that surrounds ones entire body. Also because of this free range of mobility he has achieved the presence of mind to move it within moments notice and without too much concentration towards it. However, the larger the attack the more concentration needed to hold the aura in place.

Amazing Speed: To put simply, the boy is fast. He has had years of training that has allowed him to reach heights that many cannot reach. As an added plus, since he does not have to worry about friction of such speeds giving him fatal burns he can move without limitations. His speed is a force to be reckoned with.

Amazing strength: One wouldn’t be a fighter if he was not strong. Kaine is indeed quite strong for someone his size. If one wanted, they could classify him as a mini superman with the power to control fire. However he does not waste his time in power struggles, rather he attempts to hit key places on ones body that will wear them down quickly or inhibit their ability to fight.

Unsurpassed heat control: Being a phoenix, and elemental of the flame, he has the ability to control fire with beyond that of any mere elementalist could. He does not yet have the skill in his youth to be ranked near any other of his kind. In the elemtentalist world he would be ranked at a first year master level. However, in the category of heat control he is surpassed by no one. He can wield and create heat faster and in more abundance than those who have lived hundred of years before him allowing him to use techniques in his youth it took many years for his elders to accomplish.

Heat Arm Blades: Using the immense natural heat produced from his body he can manipulate it into an invisible blade of heat upon his forearm. The heat is centered above his armguard and gauntlets extending down over his wrist at any length he wishes. These blades are hot enough to cut through most metals, its temperature reaching up and beyond 6000 ° C. However, even though he can invoke sun like temperatures, he is only known to go above heat needed to melt forms of metal when using later techniques. [This technique can also be used with his feet to produce heat blades upon the toe and heel of his greaves]

Fire clones: Surrounding himself in a large blaze, Kaine can discreatly create clones of himself using the flames.

Flight: Simple. The boy can fly.

Volley: One of his few fire based attack, Kaine simply creates a fireball within his hand, parading around with it until he sees it fit to hurl it at his opponent. The speed at which he throws this ball is quite fast and would be devastating to anyone it hit. At the same time he can control the balls movement, instantly changing its direction at a moments whim.

Tantrum: The intensity and power of the flame can be invoked by the level of rage one has while wielding it. Even though this in some cases makes the user attack in a blind rage, Kaine needs not worry about this. This move mimics his uncle’s super nova technique, taking some time to build up the needed rage to cause the massive explosion that comes from within the child. Due to the fact that he does not use fire other than in a its simplistic forms, using a few high-level flame techniques every now and again, his supernova is an explosion of suddenly released heat from within the his body. By the time it is released the temperature of the attack is triple the heat one would find on the fire plane. (In short its damn near sun temperatures.)

Flame tendrils: Kaine can invoke the use of strings of fire to aid in his maneuvers. Using these he can take hold of an object like one would do with a rope. Due to the fact that this flame is also coursing with energy it cannot easily be broken.

The connection of four: To put it simply, using heat and fire as a catalyst he can manipulate the other three elements.

Bang! Bang!: A childish name for one of his favorite maneuvers, he creates two fire balls that are in turn thrown into the air. These balls he moves at will until he deems it fit to cause their energy to be released, thus resulting in an explosion.

Reverse Bang! Bang!: This maneuver is much like the last however he causes the balls of fire to implode rather than explode. This creates a vacuum that will in turn suck his opponent or anything else into the created void and crush it. -lasts 3-5 seconds-

Heat cannon: Concentrating the heat from his body into the palm of his hands, extending them towards his target after the heat reaches the desired amount; he fires a beam of extreme heat towards his target. The beam is normally powerful enough to sear through armor and with the energy added into his burst it can normally send him flying as well. The longer he holds this attack the more powerful it becomes.

Heat Vacuum: The same way he can exert his heat to form a desert like climate he can retract the heat from his surroundings, creating a frigid environment. By layering his body with the same heat he can protect himself from the now freezing environment.

Heat repair: Kaine can pull energy from the natural heat within the area to replenish himself.

Immortality: Being a phoenix he cannot be killed. In the event he does “die” he is reborn from his ashes. However, even though he is reborn, it marks the end of his match for a long rest is needed.

Personality: Kaine is a loving and quite curious child, forever placing himself into situations that get him into trouble. On many occasions he has been thrown out of bars for accidentally setting something on fire during one of his games.

Bio: Kaine is a new born to the world, his skills gained through inheritance and intense training upon the plane of his uncles birth where time progresses much faster. While training he has been taught martial arts with no exact denomination. Upon returning to the human plane he was taught some caporiea as well as taekwondo not to, mention the rigorous ninja training his younger uncle put him through before he left. Now becoming of age to finally set off on his own, he moves from place to place, his pen ready to write his own story within the blank pages of his book.