Yuki is now finally home. My cat got picked up from the vet by my mom and brother when they picked him up at school. I went to my friends house so I couldn't see her coming home, and I'm staying at my friends house for a sleep over so I can't see her unti'll tomorrow cry . Really sad. She was happy that she came home (my mom saying this on the phone) and she started purring >3<. She hated the vet, she would start hissing at them and they tried to give her a i.v. on her arms, feet, and some other spots that I don't know. They even said they ran out of places LoL. I am really happy that she came home. She is going to stay in the basement because living upstairs is way to dangerous for her. She can't really walk but she is much much better than when she first went to the vet, which is good. The kidney problem is getting better so that is a good sign. It's sad that she can't really walk but atleast she is alive. I am really happy that she made it threw and hopefully she'll get much better in the future. Thank you for all my friends that always told me to believe that my cat will make it threw. I'll keep writing things about my cat. Love you Yu-chan ^_^. I'm happy for you!!!! You might make it for my birthday (which is in 19 days 3nodding ). ~Bye bye for now