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Fukubi's Words of Wisdom
warning: Fukubi has no wisdom D:
Episode 1
Welcome and thank you for watching H-E-R-O Flash these two will be helping me around the show so please say hello to Yami and Kai *crowd cheers, they barely wave* .....Anyway do we have a treat for you tonight as we'll discuss crossdressers and to help us out the cast from Bobobo-bobo-bobo will appear tonight but until then lets go see what else we have instore for you!

*camera cuts inside a dressing room* So yami when will they arrive? "Who are you talking about?" The cast of bobobo *Yami looks nerviously around the room* "They're not coming..." WHAT?! "You didnt call them" Of course I did! Kai called them "...." Kai you did make that call I asked you to right? "No" Thank you so much Kai you're a real help!.... "Hey Zane what's he doing?" *Yami points at the camera man* Oh he's just recording this....AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *grabs Lils Slugger's golden bat and beats the camera man to death* "Great now we need another camera man" fine hire another one and make that call pronto!.... *holds up Skipper* "You didnt see anything"

.....Anyway our guests have finally arrive! Please welcome Bobobo, Poppa Rocks, Beauty, and Gasser! Hello I'm Zane and we'll be discussing crossdressers tonight and.... "Please call me Don Patch" but I havent called on you.... "I SAID CALL ME DON PATCH!!!!!!!!" *hides behind desk* ok... First question bo: "Quiet! I'm trying to study for my algebra exam!" dp: "Yes please let my boy study" AHHH!!! Why the hell are you dressed as a woman?! *shakes head* The question is *yami holds card saying "Why do you crossdress every 5 seconds"* g: "Dont know.....they're freaks?" Thanks for answering anyway next question *Bobobo and Don Patch are dancing with a huge purple nose hair* /ok I'm starting to have second thoughts about this....these guys are freaks!/ dp: "Ok class lets get ready for that exam anyone who fails gets kicked out!" WHAT?! But this is my show and you're dressed as a woman again.... *Kai holds card saying "We dont have any commercials...."* /Ok I have 2 choices I can shoot myself....yes that's prefect but there's that christmas party or I can go laong with it....yes I'll go with choice numero dos.../ Ok I'm ready for my exam dp: "Ok here you are" I hate algebra...done! dp: "And you fail bwahahahaha!!!!!" noooooooooo!!! Wait how did I fail? dp: "Because 2+2=1" ....../Ok in their world there are talking nose hairs so I guess that's true.../ dp: *holding paper stick* "Get ready for your punishment!* WAHHHHH!!!! Yami help! y: "Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack!" thanks you destroyed half the room but you saved me ^_^ dp: *laying on the floor near Bobobo* "I dont think I can make it" *dies* bo: "NOOO!!!! My dearest avenge I will! *takes out sword* *hides behind desk* AHHHH!!!!! *takes out golden bat and waves it maniacally* k: "Wait....Isnt that Lil Slugger's bat?" Yes well you see... *turns flashback button on* I was walking at night worried that I might miss FMA when Lil Slugger appeared before me but I gave him a cookie and he passed out and the bat was so shiny I had to take it ^_^ *turns flashback button off**silence* y: "What was in that cookie?" I dont know rockinmuffin gave it to me. Whoops! looks like we ran out of time anyway thank you for coming all: "It was a pleasure!" *waves goodbye and smiles* Please dont come back again.

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commentCommented on: Thu Sep 07, 2006 @ 09:18pm
Ok this story thingy I made last year and I was thinking putting it in quizilla but I thought this was more fun since no one reads journals whee

commentCommented on: Fri Nov 03, 2006 @ 10:22pm
Really nice story papa. :3

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