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My Blonde Moments and Other Things I have many Blonde moments(no offense.people that are blonde) and their usually funny blond moments. i also put like short stories in here and poems and other stuff.

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:.Love Always:.


This is a story i will never forget.
I was in my dark room, on my bed. I had monsters staring at me.
I layed down and cloased my eyes hoping i would fall asleep.


I was Sydney the princess of Brightsville. I was very attractive indeed. I was wearing a simple silk pink dress and a diamond tiara. I lived in a castle far bigger and richer then any other kingdom. My parents were the King and Queen of Brightsville. I also had a brother . His name was Prince Samuel the Great. He had the "The Great" part added when he saved a qauter of the kingdom from a dragon. I made sure that there was no ugly plants and poor people anywhere in Brightsville. I went to the marketplace daily to buy food then give it away free. I also have a huge crush on someone. His name is Prince Hayden. His father and my father hate each other from some game. They never talk. So if my father hates Haydens father then that means I will never be able to go out with Hayden...Because my father won't allow it. My brother on the other hand gets Haydens sister. I have no clue why my father allows that. My life was somewhat boreing untill Friday 11. I was going to host a ball so i could go out with my one true love.

The Ball

This ball was going to be one of the best balls in history. Sydney invited all of the crowns in the country and nearby countries. I made sure that I invited Hayden and his royel family. There was going to be decorations. After the dancing there is a dinner. I ordered a seating person to come talk to me. "Make sure you put My father on one end of the table and my mother on the other end. Also make sure my father is away from Prince Haydens father. My brother and his girlfriend should sit by each other and Hayden and I should sit by each other. Do you understand?"I quickly said to the seating person. He quickly said "Yes, Princess." Then I sent him away. I went to see how the decorations were going. They were going great. I then ordered The head waiter to come talk to me. When he was he beside me i quickly said..."Make sure you have your people serve my guests unlimited wine." He said "Yes Princess." then he was off. I retreated to my room and chose a dress out of my wardobe. I chose a long, many layered, red dress. As a choice of tiara or circlet, i chose a gold circlet. Something simple. My chamvermaid help me put on my dress then added my circlet. Then some makeup. My mother then came in wearing a long royel blue dress with her crown on. She was wearing little Japanese slippers. When she came in she was carrying a box with her. "These were mine when i hosted my first ball. They were my mothers and my grandmothers and so forth too. I want you to wear these tonight in horner of your long line of royel family."My mother said. I quickly explanied it would be my horner and all that stuff. She then put on the slippers--which were a gold color--royel style. She winked at me as if she knew a secret of mine while walking out. I also went out to greet my guests as they came in. The last people who came in was the elders i invited. Once they got into the ballroom I took a glass of wine from a server. I strted to sip it when Hayden came up to me.I quickly curtsied then he bowed. He said to me...."Hello. How are you doing Princess Sydney?". I said..."I am doing fine Prince Hayden. How is your family?" He said..."My family is fine yours. And please just call me Hayden. I don't like all that prince, your magesty stuff.
I said.."My family is fine to. And you can call me Sydney if you want to too. I never really liked all that fancy stuff either." he said..."It would be a delight if i called you Sydney. WOuld you like to dance." I said..."I would love to dance with you. It would be my pleasure." I quickly curtsyed and he bowed. Then he took my hand and walked me out onto the dance floor. We started to dance to "The Famous Waltz". After the dance we talked some while we were sitting down on a table. When dinner was ready Hayden and I were the last ones to be seated. We sat by each other. I said to Hayden..."What a surprise! I had no idea we were going to be seated by each other." I quickly looked surprised as i said that. Hayden said."Yes what a surprise." After dinner and dessert, it was time for everybody to go. Hayden stayed a little longer to talk to me."Thank you for inviting me. It was a hornor." "It was no problem. It was fun with you being here."I said. He quickly kissed me goodbye then left. i went to my room and got change then went to bed.

The Marketplace

The next day i went to the marketplace to buy food and give it away. After i bought the food i started to give it out. I started to sing "The Famous Waltz"...

Sydney- Think of me
Think of me fondly, When we say goodbye.
Remember me once in a while, please promise me youll try.
When you find once again you long to take your heart back and be free
If you ever find, a moment spare a thought for me.
We never said our love was ever agreed, or as changing as the sea
But if you still remember me, stop and think of me.
Think of all the the things weve shared and seen
Think about all the things we tried and me.
Think of me, think of me waking silent and reside.
I magine me trying to hrad to prove you are from my mind.
Recall those days, back on all those times and all the things wele never do
There will never be a day when i would think of you.

Hayden- Can it be, can it be Sydney
What a change, your not the girl i ever once new not even corkish.
She may not remember me, but i remember you.

Sydney- We never saud our love was ever agreed or as changing as the seas
But please promise me that sometimes youll remember-vocals-
Think of me!

I heard Hayden singing with me. I tried to look for him but I couldn't. He suddenly was behind me. He picked me as if i was a doll."Hayden! Thank you for singing with me."I said as he put me down.
He said"It was no problem. You are a great singer...you know that?"I said as i walked with him toward the castle gardens.."I really never sing."

The Garden

When we got to the garden we started to walk around.

Hayden- No mortal of darkness, Forget these wide eyed fears
Im here, Nothing can harm you my words will warm and calm you.
Let me be your frredom, let daylight dry your tears
Im here with you beside me. to calm you abd to guide you.

Sydney- Say you love me, every waking moment.
Turn my head with soild times, Say you need me with you now and hold me. Promise me that you say is true.
Thats all i ask of you

Hayden- Let me be your shelter, Let me be your light.
YOur safe, no one will find you, your fears are far behind you.

Sydney- All i want is freedom, A world with more light.
And you, always beside me, To hold me and to hide me.

Hayden- Then say you share one love one lifetime,
Let me lead your solid fears. Say you need me with you here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. Sydney thats all i ask of you.

Sydney- Say you share with me one love one lifetime.
Say the word and i will follow you.
Share each day with each night, each morning.
Say youll love...

Hayden- Know i do.

Hayden and Sydney- Love me thats all i ask of you.
Anywhere you go let go to. Love me thats all i ask of you.

Hayden then kissed me deeply.

The Family Matters

"Hayden i must go. My father will be wondering where i am."I said.
I then got out of his arms and started to run toward my castle. I rushed to my father. He was in the throne room with my mother. My father said.."Where were you. You were out later then usual." I said."Fathe you must understand me and not get mad at me. I was with Prince Hayden. We were talking and walking in the garden."He yelled."You were with who?" I said quietly."I was with Prince Hayden, Father. You let Garrett have his sister so why can't i have Hayden?" He said."I forbid you to see this Prince Hayden. And i let your brother have Haydens sister because she is never going to have the throne." I said crying."I will still see Hayden even if you don't allow it." I started to run out of the castle to the gardens. Hayden was just walking out when i ran into him crying. He quickly caught me and held me to him while i cryed.
He said."What is wrong Sydney?" I said while trying not to cry."My father told me not to ever see you again. But im not going to follow him." Hayden then hugged me tightly not letting me go.

edit:I will try to finish it some day...

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