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Jess's Wonderful Journal Full of Randomness! Randomness! Hoorah!

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Thoughts on Gaia
I am really bored and because I already have many blogs, I never get a chance to use this journal but I really want to. So I am going to use this entry to discuss my feelings on Gaia...I'm not dissing Gaia, really I'm not. Don't get mad at me. These are just my opinions.

So Gaia...it's changed a lot over the last year. I have never claimed to be a Gaian expert, and I will never claim to be one. I know that I am still considered by many Gaia members to be a newb, with my join date being in the middle of 2005. I give a lot of credit to the people who have stayed since the beginning of Gaia. It must have been a hell of a journey, knowing how many n00bs have infected the site. So you all know, I was a lurker for much longer than I was a member. I know that things have changed.

The thing I'm most mad about changing is the Starter Sets though, as you can see by my siggie. I remember joining gaia and being so ashamed of my ugly peasant dress, and knowing that I had to work hard for my quest of having a complete Morgana set. I wasn't one of those newbs that PMed random people about my quest and told them that they should donate to me but my siggie let people know of my quest and knowing that not too many people would donate to me, I worked hard to get the gold myself. 2000 gold for a dress used to be a lot of money for a newb. Now, with these starter sets, there is no way of telling who is working hard and who isn't. I know that some people who had been on gaia for a long time kept their peasant outfit on forever, not bothering with the hype of clothes but still...I just wish that Gaia would stop trying to make life better for the newbs. It was perfectly fine the way it was. I'm just so sick of seeing these amazing people, with outfits that people would spend months and months questing for, on people who have been on gaia for two days. Now with them raising the amount of gold you get for polls, it's easier than ever to achieve your quest. What's the point?

Don't get me wrong though. Some of Gaia's updates are quite cool. Even though the houses bother me, they are great for others who like those sort of things. (I remember when houses were still under construction...ah, the good ol' days.) Their new games are pretty fun as well. (I remember when the casino opened...ah, good times. xd ) I'm also quite amused by their newest selection of smilies. Gaia has always had awesome smilies but the drama llama ( dramallama ) and the wine and cheese? ( cheese_whine ) I'm proud of Gaia for finding cool smilies that no one will ever find a proper place to use.

Ah, you are all probably sick of people complaining about the "new" Gaia though. I liked the old Gaia though. confused

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