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I need money...
Not for minors ><...
The Shawshank Redemption and the Job Corps Connection

I've recently made a connection between the "Shawshank Redemption" (Remember that movie? If you haven't, oh well...), and Job Corps. In the movie, Andy (the main character), escapes out of a corrupt prison by tunneling through a wall, smashing his way into the sewage pipe, and crawling through the pipe (roughly the distance of five football fields). At Job Corps, I have made this metaphoric connection that; no matter how easy the Business trade was, I'm still going to have to crawl through a river of [bull] sh*t just to get out of here. Apparently, I have to go through transition for about 60 days. I just found this out today. I was planning on getting the Hell outta here on the 16th of September...for good. But now I can't do that, because I "have to find a job or it makes JC look bad". Not like I can't get a job within hours of leaving this place ><, now I have to spend 60 days to find one, put in my application, go to an interview, and get the job, taking hundreds of times longer than it would take me if I was to just leave.

Even taking a weekend pass is nearly insane to try and do. Here's how it works:

On center, we have something called a "card status", based on how many points you have. You loose points by breaking the rules (like giving minors a cigarette or horseplaying), you get 1 point back every week. You start with 16 points. It helps define the good from the bad here on center. The card colours are:
Blue- Very bad, must have gotten into trouble way too many times.
Red- Not as bad as Blue, but still in danger of getting kicked out.
Green- ICL's, or the new introductory students. They stay this way until their two month. Nothing bad, it just helps staff know who they are.
Silver- The normal, the 12-16 point range, the average.
Gold- Not much different from Silver, but they have priority over Silver and below. You have to do 6 hours of community service (and spend five days finding signatures >< ). I am a Gold Card.
Wolf Pack- The VIP of JC, the big ones. They have priority over any other card status, they get 5 Leave-Without-Pay (LWOP), days a year instead of the normal 3, and they have 18 points instead of 16. They must be in Leadership, and have done a mix of 14 hours of community service, on and off center.

Now, a weekend pass is when you leave the center for the weekend and come back on Monday (usually, except in the cases of three-day weekends). It's a good way to get away from all the damn drama that's here on center (like who's dating who and who broke up with who, I can't take it anymore! >< ). Now, you can use your LWOP days to, say, "extend" your weekend for a couple days longer. If you want to take a weekend pass into Roseburg (city near here), and you don't live in Roseburg, you have to be a Gold Card.

I was going to take all three of my LWOP days, slap them on the back of Labor Day Weekend, and have myself a good 'ole 6 day weekend off center. I did all the required community service hours and got all the signatures I needed to get my Gold Card, just so I could go into Roseburg. I was going to go into Roseburg with a buddy of mine, because I didn't want to pay for the ticket back up to Seattle. He quit out on me, so I went to another friend. It seemed like it was going to work, but then his mother had guests over, so neither me or him could go. So now I have to re-schedule my weekend pass to next week, take Wednesday through Sunday off (only 5 days instead of 6), leave Tuesday evening, come back Sunday evening, and start my 60 days of transition on Monday. Only if his "mother" says so. If not....#$@%%@!!! ><

Now I risk getting a write up (a loss of points, and thus loss of my Gold Card, making me unable to go into Roseburg over the weekend), and I really don't feel like doing those 6 hours over again. It may not seem like much, but it is Hell trying to find community service, that, and I'd have to wait a month for my points to come back, and another month before I could even apply for Gold Card again.

A river of sh*t, just to get out of here.

Iomma Sensei
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