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Boys, Band, and Books, the Life and Times of a Teenage Band Nerd
What happens during the day (because I will never post on the internet what happens at night)
Hooooooooly crap, school's in full swing, and I am busy as all hell. Two of my classes are AP (college level, even though I'm in highschool) and the rest are honors. The only bad part about that is that to have band be honors, we have to do all of this CRAP, like... BAND NERD crap. The only things that I wasn't doing (for the qualifications) was practicing for region (ugg) and getting lessons from the woodwind teacher. But STILL! I swear, he and my mom went behind my back and made some kind of secret plan to get me to do this.

Here's why I think this:

When I was handing in a sheet of paper that said that my mom and I aknowleged that the band would only practice eight hours a week of outside of school (yeah right) and he's like, "Oh, finally, the sheet for honors." I looked at him funny until he opened up the paper and saw what it was, then he asked me why I wasn't going for honors, and he tried all sorts of stuff. At last he said, "You're one of the smartest people I know, the only problem is, that instead of applying yourself, you use your intelligence to do as little as possible to get by."

I've heard the same thing from my mom.

Now, I'm not saying that the whole world is against me or anything like that, but I would have liked to be included in the discussion of my band future. stare

Ah well, at least next year i get a better chance at a band-nerd-only special parking spot next year.

On top of that, I'm starting to boy-shop, and the truth is, I'm a little rusty and boys are confusing. UGG. I had a wish earlier today that everyone would just be more honest and open, but then I'm not, so it would be hypocritical of me to request of others what I don't want to do myself.



I'm rambling again


What was I talking about...?



Damn them,

Damn them all!

(but please, just keep one or two...)

(or three...)



I'm going to go kill some pixelated numbskulls now, at least I know how to deal with THEM

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gallows humour
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Aug 26, 2006 @ 04:27am
"You're one of the smartest people I know, the only problem is, that instead of applying yourself, you use your intelligence to do as little as possible to get by."

That's crap. Not only is it crap. It's utter hypocrisy.

If you are intelligent, you inherently aware of what is good for you.

You know what you want to do.

And you do it.

Here's what that statement boils down to:

"My will is the smartest thing on the planet, and if you do not follow it to the letter you are an idiot. You are superior to others because you are capable of following my will... however, by not doing so, and thinking independantly, you are deliberately lowering yourself to the level of the mental retarded and the delinquents."

And the appropriate response is:

[******** you."

In high school, they're really trying hard to brainwash you. Their way is NOT the only way, and it's not even a GOOD way to go. Okay?

Be aware of everyone's motives and M.O., okay? I think you'll realize that most of the people who are keen on bossing you around do not have your best interests at heart.

You are your own person. You are an independant being. You were born free and you do not need to be subjugated. Tell them this. Tell them, that you are not going to be HOMELESS if you DON'T GIVE A ******** ABOUT THE WOODWIND, or math, or english, or whatever other crap they're throwing at you.

They purposely deprive you of the freedom you need to get the perspective that you are okay. That they are wrong. And that all high school teachers are full of crap.

# Santini ( a college student (GO ROADRUNNERS!))

The entire public school system's statements fail the sunshine test. What this means is that if you bring them out into the public light for scrutiny, they absolutely fall apart. You've been their prisoner, so you haven't gotten out into the sunshine, but once you do... the lies will all fall away, and you'll be angry.

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