Let's continue the tale where I last left off. I had agreed to follow Mameha to this house she was completely nuts over and when I finally saw it I couldn't understand why. It was set waaay back in a giant overgrown field of what looked like prarie grass. At least, that's what I thought it was. All tall and giant and wavy.

"This place needs a lawn mower.." I commented, brushing a few of the blades away.

Mameha didn't answer right away and I thought I'd lost her. Good, now I could go back to breakfast. But as fate would have it she was right in front of me. "Or a really big weed whacker."

A weed whacker. No, never question the Mameha factor. It took us awhile but we finally reached the house. That was when I noticed a road and a nice clean cut house across it. I could feel my eye beginning to twitch. Why did we have to walk across a giant field when there was a road.

Before I could make that snappy comment Mameha had already opened the door and stepped inside. I followed her and the Mameha factor played out once again. Despite the dusty cobweb corridors she walked right in and began to explore the rooms.

Me? Oh I was standing in the doorway staring at the giant cat-like creature sleeping on a broken down coffee table. On it's back, with it's hands behind a head of full grown black hair, like a human. The most paculiar part was, it wore clothes..