My morning was all fine an dandy, y'know? I went out early for a morning walk and like I came across this hugely overgrown feild, with a rotted looking house it, and some old woman on her front porch on the other side of the road.

I got this BRILLIANT idea to fix up the house right? So I went off to Frey's house since it was like....still early and he should be up by now. His hat is stupid.

I slipped the key out from uner the mat and went inside, darting over to him in the kitchen with squeals of, "Sothere'sthisoldhouseright?! Andit'sfallingapartright?! SoIwasthinkingthatweshouldgofixitup!"

"What?" was his reply. So I moved around and sat down to watch him eat. Mmm corn flakes and I was hungry....anyway! Then he had the nerve to ask how I got into his house! Shouldn't he know by now I have a spare key under the mat?!

I folded my hands under my chin and watched him quietly. He stared back.

"You gonna eat that?" I asked curiously pointing at the bowl.

"Yeah." Ok so I wasn't gonna get to eat after all. After a failed attempt to get the bowl, he ended up spilling it and I hauled him off for the day!