Ello everyone!

Well I've been wanting to get back into rp and have come up with a couple of OC's. Now I just need to have pictures of them 3nodding . I do accept RL commission, so feel free to enquire about it. To any artist that are interested in please pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I'm going to need samples of your work and prices ^_^. Please feel free to pm me with any questions. Here are my OC's:

Name: Nyx
Age: Ripe ole age of 22.
Hair: Thick, long, black, ringlet type, curly hair that reaches the middle of her back. A streak of purple runs in the hair along the left side of her face. Being a free spirit she always wears her hair down.
Eyes: They are a lovely shade of dark lavender.
Body type: She is about 5'5, slim, with an angelic face, yet a rather curvy looking figure. You can tell she is not from the mortal realm. More Fairy.
Skin: She is darkly tanned.
Clothing: Tried my best to make up an outfit. The dress will ride low on the hips in a seductive teasing sort of way. The belt on the skirt has purple stones instead of orange. The ring on her middle finger always has a certain purply glow to it. Her feet are always bare, but never seem to get dirty or beat up from all the traveling she does.
Weapons: Nyx never goes anywhere without a pair of Sais strapped to her sides.
Personality: She's a fun sassy sort of chick with a hot temper. Always willing to take anyone up on a dare. Nyx can also be rather seductive at times when she is trying to reel in her prey for the kill. She may not look the part, but she is a skilled assassin. Let there be no doubt that Nyx was raised to be a cold blooded killer. She dislikes arrogant people. It is one sure way to piss her off.
Reference pics: [X] [X] [X]


Name: Resi
Age: 20
Hair & Face: Reference to what her hair and face should look like: Link
But instead of leather bands holding up her hair, I want little skull pins put in.
Eyes: Her eyes are a moonlight color.
Body type: Slim, but a bit muscular.
Skin: She has an olive complextion.
Clothing: Here is her entire outfit, including the accessories. These are her shoes, but I want them in all black
Weapons: Resi has a shotgun strapped to her back and two handguns strapped to her outer thighs.
Personality: Resi's name means reaper and she lives up to that name. She is a bounty hunter, bringing in criminals that not even the goverment can catch. Resi is the sort that keeps her distance and is quick to turn a cold shoulder to any that attempt to come close. Those that attempt to push her to far are likely to get burned.
Reference pics: [X] (Overall it's good, except the hair)