i shouldn't have stayed at Angel and Jonathan's house so long, then Dan wouldn't be mad and it's my fault and I thought Angel and Danny were friends. I guess not.
Danny should know that I love him and only him and that I would never do something like that to him. i wouldn't get high with Angel either, I promised Dan I wouldn't. why would i lie like that? I wouldn't. Not to Danny anyways. i wish he could read this. He got offline because he was too tired to listen to me say sorry..i wish he would come back online. it's too late to call without his mom bitching. i told him to call me tomorrow, if i could come out to his house.

if he doesn't call i might call him. if he doesn't listen....i dont know what i'll do.

all because Danny doesn't trust Angel and doesn't like that we hang out. i knew i shouldn't have ******** went to Angel's house. I ******** knew it.

if i would've known that Danny doesn't like Angel, i wouldn't have gone.