Over the years I've seen my friends change to be more popular, or to just fit in. But after they were part of the "crowed" they wanted to be in they wornt themselves any more.

If you read my profile you seen that most of my favorite music is heavy metal, or just rock music, but I play classic music on my flute and Vilion all the time. And my favorite artist is Madonna!! I grew up listening to Madonna and 80's music till some of my friends gave me some music they thought I liked. Mainly Korn, GOdsmack, Drowning Pool...., and they were right! But I'm still listen to the "old" music that I grew up on.

Now if you can get the balls to tell your "friends" about the real you that you hind deep inside, you will feel better or you might find something out about your friends you thought you never would guess in a million years that they were like that.

If you don't like what I said in this ebtry to bad! I'm not changing it, I'll just add on to it.