Username: Kouken Sonumi

Name: Sonumi
Is called Kouken or Kou as a nickname and is only called Sonumi when he knows a person intimately.

age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

race: Half Demonic & half Angelic.

weapons: Gauntlet blades and sword of the Guardian.

powers: Can transform into either a demonic or angelic state and can use his energy to create incinerating blasts. His demonic form gives him increased strength and his angelic state gives him healing abilities and sharpens his senses.

appearance: Silver hair, about 5ft. 9in. tall and has a well toned body. He carries a katana like sword in a sheath on his right hip, and wears a chestplate for added protection. His eyes are a crystal clear blue and in the left corner of his eyes is a slight glint of silver. He almost always wears the gauntlets that are on his fists.

Bio: He is a reincarnation of a guardian hero destined by fate to help bring balance to both the angelic and demonic sides. His parents were killed at the hands of a demon at the age of five. Not knowing much about his history he has tried to learn about himself since the death of his parents.

Personality: Sonumi is easy to get along with. His appearance may say otherwise under certain circumstances, but really he likes to be with poeple he is close with. He can be blunt at times and also knowledgeable about things. He has good common sense when he uses it, but there are times where he doesn't.