Who is Sonumi?

Sonumi is an eighteen year old teenager. He has silver hair and blue eyes. He is about 5.9" in height and has a strong body. He may sound like anyother person, but his life is completely different from anyone's original lives. He lived in seclusion where angels and demons were both accepted as one in the same until the fateful day his parents were killed at the age of five. The father was Angelic and the mother was Demonic. Their final deaths severed their souls to never return into Sonumi's life, not even to the Great Divide (the land where souls can reside in peace). His memory is faint of them, but the Gauntlet left by them was something to remember them by. Learning to use that weapon enabled him to survive and protect others in his travels.
At his young age, he was taken in for a few years by his mothers parents until he could leave. Both races, Demonic and Angelic, accepted his appearance in other worlds only because of the weapon he carried. Living out his life basically as a freeloader, his roaming in between the worlds of the Angelic and Demonic made his destiny slowly unfold infront of him. As his body became stronger and he became more intelligent he started to learn about this mysterious weapon left by his parents.
His weapon was of ancient technology passed down from generations of a small, but powerful race. There were two and his parents concealed one of them. He later obtained the other one through rigorous amounts of research and exploring. The weapon could only be used by the race known to be Guardians. The Guardian race consists of Angelic, Demonic, or a cross between both races. What distinguished this race from the angels and demons was the harmony of impurity and purity in their blood. If a cross was created between a demon and an angel the balance of the parents genes becomes very delicate. If their is the slightest imbalance the child does not become a pure-blooded guardian. Sonumi was born to be able to fulfill the skills of a full fledged pure-blood Guardian. He inherited the perfect balance. Any race can have a Guardian, but Sonumi was a pure representation of all three races.
Usually demons stay loyal to their race while the angels do the same for theirs. However, in Sonumi's case he was obliged to protect both sides.
The gauntlets he wears were from a Guardian hero who brought a balance between both the Demonic and Angelic worlds. Unknowingly, this pure-blood had become a complete reincarnation of that historic hero. His family members were sacred caretakers of the balance and provided assistance to the hero in ancient times.
Being a holder of such power made Sonumi a threat to any corrupt being that would try to destroy this balance. Any being with a crazed lust for power, or known to do horrid things were all a hazard to the balance. Demons and Angels fought on the Earth world where Sonumi would have to travel and live to fulfill the fate he was given. Living on Earth he would learn to fight better and have his abilities grow. He will discover things he never knew had locked inside himself. He will find all the powers, abilities and weapons needed to bring his full Guardian form into shape. He will fulfill his destiny and keep the balance safe from any Demonic or Angelic threats that are willing to destroy it.