Sonumi's Weapons and Equipment.

- The Gauntlets

These weapons are very distinct in how they function. The Gaunlets are Ancient Guardian Technology. They house a blade that forms inside the top of the users forearm. They can be forced out with just a really tight grip of the fist. The most valuable asset they provide is their ability to transform physical strength into incenerating light energy. The stronger you are the more energy the Gauntlet can produce. Since the weapon is made from Guardian technology it is able to produce dark and light forms of power. With it attached it also enables the user to disperse energy from any part of the body. The Gauntlets contain a backup power supply of energy in the orbs on the top fist part. So if energy is needed to be used in an emergency and the Gauntlet isn't getting any feed from the users physical strength the power in the orbs can be used.

- Blade of the Guardian

This weapon was also created with Guardian technology although it is more recent. Its contains a black blade with two sphereical slots on both sides of the hilt. Anything that has energy in it and can fit into the slots of the sword can be used to power the blade. Any lifeform that will fit in it will basically have its life sucked out of it if placed in there. The orbs on his Gauntlets can be inserted into these slots to create a form of his weapon he calls Reminiscent Memories. These orbs, when inserted, do not get destroyed due to the clash of opposing powers. The gauntlets Sonumi uses were the cornerstone for the creation of this blade allowing him to use both weapons power together in a time of need. The energy would instead disperse over the black alloy making the blade look like it was trailing an aura of silver smoke. This in turn gives the blade and extra boost of power. He can also disperse his own energy throughout the blade with the gauntlets equipped.

- Reminiscent Memories

This weapon is Sonumi's main choice whenever faced with a great task. It can be used as a last resort or as a method of correction. It contains the power to unlock the soul that has been corrupted within a being and if given the choice Sonumi can either decide to destroy or restore the extracted soul.

- Armored chestplate.

This piece of equipment is made of a strong and special metal alloy inlayed under the design of the chestplate. The alloy can stop a couple of blows from a sword until being split apart, but it cannot stop a gunshot or form of energy depending on its strength. The chestplates alloy forces Sonumi's energy to be extracted towards the broken area. The metal starts to melt when it is heated enough. This makes it able to reseal itself and take more damage. It is meant for any condition due to its light and thermal material surrounding the alloy. He uses this just for a means of protection if there is no other form of defense.