Sonumi's Abilities.

-Demonic state

This form of his came from his mother. He grows Demonic wings from his back and a black aura as horrible as death drips from his body. His armor and gauntlets go black also transforming the energy into a void-like state. Instead of the energy having the capability to incenerate it instead will catch onto the enemies body and kill away the portion of the body it cam into contact with. This effect is done at a rapid pace if there is a great deal of life energy residing within the target. If hit in certain areas this could most likely cause death depending on what kind of person and race the enemy is. This form runs on pure power. It greatly increases his strength.

-Angelic state
This form gives Sonumi Angelic wings.The energy isn't changed at all except it becomes extremely light tinted. His body shines with a glowing light as his will to survive increases when he is in a time of struggle as well. Inherited from his father this state gives him better control of his body and mind. He can think things through at a quick rate and his reaction timing, reflexes, and senses become extremely sharp. This state can give him healing abilities also.

-Guardian state (normal)

This state is dependant on natural fighting skills, his weapons, the sharpening of his senses, and energy capabilities. This is what he looks like normally. It is basically his human appearance.

-Perfect Guardian form.

This form gives him a Demonic and Angelic Wing. His body glows from the silver aura that comes from the Blade of the Guardian. This form combines both capabilities of his Angelic and Demonic state with his natural Guardian form.