So I haven't slept so far and it's just blah.... I'm hungry.

So during the times I was wide awake and thinking endlessly I was thinking about writting a very long journal entry. But I don't like boring the readers so I'll make it short.

I got lazy and just forgot about it and just whatever~

I washed the dishes and then I cleaned my room with a rag, a pail of water, and my hands cool like those old fashioned room floor scrubbing... I had fun mad

So during that same moment I thought about cutting my hair since most dirt I've been getting from the floor is hair. I coulda made a hair ball out of those things... but I threw them away... making hair ball out of your hair from the floor isn't normal... plain weird.. but then it's funny

I also sight read the naruto notes... finaly finished sight reading all of them and so far I can play 3/4 of the 1st page... still need more practice... and I get confused around the middle too...

Anyway...I feel sticky... shower time heart

heart Mocha Blitz heart