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Reflections on being first in line..
A low user number, friend or foe?
Am I horney?
Somewhere in the first few days after Gaia came to be, my girlfriend at the time forced me to sign up. Because of this, I am now cursed with a very low user number.. what does this mean, why cursed? Let me tell you:
The gaia search function lists found users earliest members first. I happen to be the first person in line for both "sex" and "hentai", as a result, everyone who looks up these terms comes knocking on my door. Don't get me wrong I really don't mind the attention, at all, I'm just wrighting this to clear up a thing or two.

Sex: Yes, it has my intrest, it's fun, it's free and it never gets old. I'm not a minor, and I have had several girlfriends in my time.. so please, easy on the "are you even old enough?" comments, they just make me giggle. ;]

Hentai: Now this is a longer story. You see, I don't like hentai in THAT way. It doesn't turn me on any more then it does other guys.. the reason I like hentai is because I like to draw: http://runedemilot.deviantart.com/
Obviously I don't upload any hentai I draw to my deviantart page, it does contain some soft ecchi though, that should prove my point. And yes, I know the difference between ecchi and hentai.

I have an ocean of friend requests and a ton of sexually oriented mail here on gaia, eventhough I've been basically inactive the last few months. As I said, I don't mind at all, as most wannabe artists I crave the attention you give me, I'd even go as far as to thank you for it.. but how about you put all that energy into something constructive, like spamming my deviantart page? Now that would really turn me on, if you know what I mean. whee

PS: Thanks for the comments on my outfit, purple will rule the world.

Sup /b/?

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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Fri Jul 21, 2006 @ 10:54pm
    heart wow u seem really.............somethin interestin topic 2 pick...i totally agree wit what ur tryna say.sigh.. cry so lonely, need friends....well just wanted 2 say hi..bye now

    commentCommented on: Fri Jul 21, 2006 @ 10:57pm
    oh,ya and another thing..u look kool 3nodding feel free 2 visit my profile and comment on anything....plz do........tell ur friends...... crying so lonely.bye now

    heart faithful28

    p.s.purple heart weeeee!!!!!!!

    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Fri Jul 21, 2006 @ 10:58pm
    heart oo,yaa now i rememeber add more journal entries..i'll love 2 read them

    commentCommented on: Sun Aug 20, 2006 @ 11:35pm
    hey, hentai's not that bad. And its good that you dont care what other people think about your...er...sexuality(did I spell that right... gonk ). Me and my one of my freinds have had the same problem. Ecchi, in the eyes of an american, is the same as porn because they can see an area that most people would consider personal, such as a girls panties. They just think that just because its personal 2 them that no other person would think of it as a world monument.

    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed Aug 30, 2006 @ 12:20am
    That's kinda funny. It's an interesting fact that you have been inactive the past couple of months. You don't seem to be the type to giggle. lol and what you tell me you are no wannabe artist.

    commentCommented on: Sat Sep 02, 2006 @ 11:27pm
    humm... ok. well have a good time on gaia, lol if you ever go get bored pm me. wink

    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Sun Sep 10, 2006 @ 10:25pm

    commentCommented on: Sat Sep 23, 2006 @ 08:37pm
    amazingly enough i see where your coming from
    i think its pretty pothetic that people would just want to be your freind bacause of your intrests on gaia... but the stupidest reason i have gotten a freind request for was because i baught something from this guy in marketplace and he wanted to be my freind slut... needles to say i turned him down. but i better stop here or else ill get to ranting and that wouodnt be good. if you wanna talk pm me.

    death in silence
    Community Member
    Sapphire Silk
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed Sep 27, 2006 @ 09:07am
    Its cool that you dont mind about stuff like that...personally I only looked at Hentai when I couldn't find any new Yaoi. It was...differen't. One phase and now I'm completely on Yaoi again. I like your art. Im open to that kinda thing. There nice. Keep it up becuase you are a great artist. biggrin

    Sex is intresting isn't it sweatdrop

    And no...Blue will rule the world domokun blaugh

    PM me if you wish

    commentCommented on: Wed Oct 11, 2006 @ 09:29pm
    ur profile on dieviant art is kool,but ur art is even awsome-er!!!!!!

    Axis of Fate
    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Thu Oct 26, 2006 @ 03:43pm
    Purple ROX!!!

    commentCommented on: Sun Nov 26, 2006 @ 05:29pm
    Lol you have a deviantart account?
    I have too!

    Pm me and i'll tell you what it is
    Your artwork is amazing!

    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Mon Dec 04, 2006 @ 04:35pm
    Oh I get what you're saying...You're not into Hentai..But you draw it..>.> I have a DeviantArt too...I'm RyatsuTorisuna. ._. I didn't post anything yet..So don't expect anything too righteous. ._. OH. I'm a writer more then I am a drawer..

    commentCommented on: Sun May 27, 2007 @ 04:19am
    cool.....................randomness much

    Community Member
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