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The Mind of a Dark Angel
This journal contains many things about me -- what I like to do, what I believe in. But this Journal is not just for me. Starting now, I will post stories about my Black Winged counterpart, Draien, every week or so. Please do NOT steal my ideas!
The Dark Day
Draien looked out into the sunset. The sand he sat in was perfectly cool, just like the breeze. He fell back and sprawled out in the sand and closed his eyes. Draien focused on the sounds of the waves going back and forth and savored every moment of it. He didnt know why exactly. He knew that he was going to live in Naha for the rest of his life. Considering that he's only thirteen, thats a long time.
Draien! Come back inside! Dinner's ready! Draien immediatly got up at his mothers command and headed back home. Inside there was Maiyoki setting up the short table as Sukamichi and Shii waited patiently on their mats. His mother sat down followed by Maiyoki as Draien began to pass around the food. He looked around the small cottage he lived in and respectfully asked,Where's father? Shouldn't he be here by now?His mother aswered immediatly and said, Your father is working late tonight. It's that time of year where the fish are the most active. So he's fishing a little later than usual to get some extra work and pay in. Draien looked at his plateOh And began eating.
It wasnt long though before a loud explosion was heard from outside. What in the world was that?! Maiyoki jumped up startled. Their mother curious and tense went outside to look and her children followed behind her. Shouldn't it still be bright out? Sukamichi blurted. The sky had turned into a pitch black and outside there was a distict smell of smoke. Shii began to cry, not knowing what was going on. Her mother held her by her waist and looked off into the shore. Where a dark figure was closing in fast.

It turned out it was their father and he looked more worryed than ever. Draien! What on earth is going on?! (Draien Jr was named after his father and a long line of Draiens) We need to get out of here now! Something attacked our boat! I dont even know if some of the fishermen are still alive! We have to get out of here NOW!!! With saying that, Shii cryed louder. Her mother picked her up and held her trying to comfort her. Do you think you can spare the details??? Your scaring Shii!!! Go grab some bags and pack whatever we can now! Drai! You go and get whatever food we have and put it in this bag! Draien was handed a leather bag by his father and he immediatly ran to the cabinets of food. He began to cry but he held his tears back. He knew he had to be brave.

A loud knock was heard at the font door as if someone was trying to barg in. OPEN UP!!!DONT ANSWER IT!!! ITS THEM!!! Quick, Maiyoki! Take you and yuor siblings and hide! NOW!!! Maiyoki obeyed with tears in her eyes and took her little sisters hands and ran toward a hidden mid-sized door with Draien behind her. Shii went in first followed by Maiyoki. Draien squeezed in and grabbed Sukamichi's hand last. COME ON GET IN!!! She hurried in and they closed the door imediatly and they all looked through the pannels of the door to see what was going on.

The front door knocked down and three men dressed in black with guns barged in. Their father immediatly drew two sword and killed one of the three by surprise. Instantly a gunstot was heard and Draien's father fell to the ground motionless, blood stained the floor. Their mother screeched in agony as one of the men pointed a gun to her head too. With a pull of the trigger she collasped to the floor as well. Blood was all over the walls and floor and Draien and his sisters felt their heart sink into their stomaches. The tears rolled to their face but not a sound came out of their mouths.

Sukamichi however stared at the two other men with tearful, unfiltered anger. Hey didnt they have kids? Bet theyre hiding somewhere! Draien and his sisters looked in disgust as the men smiled as they looked in each corner of the room. Come on let's go!, Maiyoki whispered. They headed for another door down a narrow passage that was the only way to the back of the house. Everyone went ... all exept for Sukamichi.Sukamichi what are you dong?! Maiyoki whispered sternfully as Sukamichi opened the other door and went in the miiddle of the room.

Well! Looky what we have here! It looks like they did have a child! Sukamichi pulled a knife from her sash and charged for one of the soliders in tears. YOU BASTERDS!!! She drove the knife into one of the soliders heart. He collasped immediatly and she threw a punch at the other one. Looks like we have a fiesty one here! He restrained and said, Our boss loves kids! Maybe if hes nice enough, hell let you go to the camp! She struggled and screeched as he took her away. Sukamichi!!! We cant go back for her! Do you want to get taken away too?But! Dont you think that this is hard enough? I cant bare to see Sukamichi be pulled away but what do you propose we do??? Now come on! Lets get out of here! They all made their way to the back, more silent than they have ever been. When they opened the door to the back they couldnt believe thier eyes. Coutless crowds of people ran aimlessly screaming seeking shelter and loved ones. Bloody bodies tredded on by the panicking crowds.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 21, 2007 @ 07:00pm
oh wow kenny, that was AWESOME make more more please? *pouts and eagerly awaits what happens next*

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