1. whats your sexuality?
2. whats your biggest fetish?
3. do you still have your virginity?
4. what is the weirdest thing you have done?
5. how many people have you been with?
6. what part of the body do you like best?
7. do you masterbate?
8. do you have boobs?
9. do you like the idea of trannys?
10. was your first important to you?
11. What turns you on?
12. What turns you off?
13. How much time do you spend getting to know someone before you have sex with them?
14. favorite hair color?
15. What's your favorite kind of sex (a**l, vaginal, oral, manual)?
16. What's your dream partner like?
17. Who would you prefer dating? A lady/gentleman or a party girl/guy?
18. do you perfer it shaved?
19. are you shaved?
20. what do you masterbate to?
21. whats the most amount of people you have been with at once?
22. are you open to new things?
23. do you love some one?
24. are you single?
25. how big are your boobs/ d**k?