Oh I remember when you used to walk beside me. Although we did not talk much since we were both shy at first but your presence meant the whole world to me. None a day passed me by since I have been blessed by your charm. You were not only just a friend who cared and listened but you were jolly which brought sunshine to my life. Like a flower you filled my life with colors and perfume.
Oh how I remember the nights we had sharing laughters and while it was cold and lonesome outside, you kept me warmed inside.Yes girl to me your smile shines as bright as the moonlight in the mid summer night dream. As you turned out to become my addiction, we became silent lovers by then. We both shared the same dream and yet the same fear. A dream of being forever as one and a fear of being never apart.
Long I waited to see you again but the time I feared the most has come. You are long gone and without a word you disappeared from my life. You were erased like you have never exist before. I searched everywhere but your name is not even shown to me anymore. No sign of you on these streets anymore. Like that night I watched the sky before I sleep and wished upon that star which glowed the most. When I woke up it was long gone..and never to be seen again.
Oh how I worry..