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A Squirrel's Musings
Maybe I might do this, maybe I won't. ... Squirrel's being an idiot~ Yeah, updating probably would be erratic. And random. Probably.
resentment!ren AU's Aku
there is one
except it isn't the grown up one
(altho this Aku still sees himself as a adult, so.)

it's one where his mom and younger sister die in childbirth
so he never got the chance to make a promise for them

due to mitigating circumstances
his father takes him, Mayu, and her mom over to Ren's world (what I think of an AU version of the real world) to live
although the Shiraiya dojo is still open to one piece world peeps (lol it's like 2000 years before One Piece canon, I don't care// i mostly just wanted the bits of lore and powers and islands without borrowing all the worldbuilding haha)
Aku was 12 & therefore still completely his father's responsibility at that point
(reminder: the village & possibly the whole island lol consider 13 to be the age of adulthood; actually probably a lot of places had that sort of mindset back then,, esp when a lot of people didn't really live too long)

so this Aku,, he hates his father a bit
but not as much as Asha (killed by his father accidentally at the age of 5)
nor the cold indifference that empty world!Aku had towards his
also definitely not the worked-out-his-issues type of mellow respectful relationship that OG Aku had (I'm calling the Devastin Academy/Shinigami Aku as OG Aku b/c I came up with him first)

like, he's polite. but he's a bit cold?? not frosty, but not like inviting either?
he accidentally insults people sometimes
his politeness could be mistaken for kindness, but it isn't?

he still picks up Takemo (and names her too) at age 18
like in og verse she tries to pickpocket him, he decides she's interesting & possibly an asset(?) & pretty much adopts her
instead of turning her in to the authorities
since he was in the rich half of the island (the merchant trading town, not the fishing village)

so Aku here can relate to Ren's feelings of anger and resentment
since he has a similar feeling towards his father
but like... not as intense

it's like, Aku knows he won't inherit the dojo
no matter what his father says about it / wants him to do
even Aku doesn't decide to do the explore the world thing, he knows he's not going to be a teacher
(you see how ew!Aku's experience with teaching went haha....)

and even though he thinks Mayu's probably going to do it
the thing is
Mayu's spent like 14 years following him around
like a little sister but also a keeper
she's not to going to stop
although mayu would make a good teacher (see da!Mayu-nee)

so: aku's anger
also his bloodlust
multiplied with shiki's cursed bloodlust
basically he does a lot of meditating and breathing exercises
and sounds really calm
even though he isn't anywhere near that much

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