( I use the same name as i am to lazy to come up with anther = w = )
Fie - Potion store owner - Neko

Height: 5'

A short looking cat who always has a big smile smile on her face when someone comes in to her store.

Is a Neko witch whom likes to sell all kinds of potions to whom ever come and ask's will even make potions to your requests if they are not in the shop so long as you provide the ingredients as potion making is her life.

Likes: Head pats, brewing potions, cuddles, meat!
Dislikes: Loud noises, Mean people, Thieves.

Fie - Bovine

Height: 7'5"

A tall bovine woman whom may look intimidating at first but is quite shy as her hair is always hiding away her face but is quite friendly and always has a scent of strawberries coming from her.

Is a bovine woman who is often working at a ranch outside of town doing all kinds of things around it as she has a ton of strength hidden away behind her body so she is able to look after herself.

Likes: Veggies, Being outdoors,
Dislikes: Mean people.