Well, well... look at you. Still here, eh Gaia?
Strange though, I thought for certain my account was compromised.. but they didn't take anything... Perhaps then, it wasn't Gaia that was compromised, but something else.. though that doesn't exactly help me.

Anyway. Heh.. memories of this place. a lot of painful ones. Echoes of the past, like ghosts, haunt this place... But ghosts do not frighten me anymore. Hm, I can't say that I will use the site much, as I still don't know how to connect to other people, but I can try. It'll gimme something to do.

Its just a bit weird being able to pick this up again and nothing has- Well, for ME, nothing has changed. Ah except the people I met that drew me here in the first place.. but still... maybe its best that those people are gone? A fresh start might not be a bad thing, though.. to be completely honest... I don't even know what to do here. I guess I'll roam around, read stuff... uhh.. maybe play a game?

Hm.. really brings back memories.. if I want to conclude some of those mysteries, I'll have to dive deeper and see what I can find.

-- Wait, I have a signature? Huh, guess I'll tick that button and see what it does.