I remember a dream where I was sitting on a chair.
There were lots of people with me in that place, some of them were standing and some of them were sitting on a chair like me.
I was answering questions among the crowd there, and it felt like these people were no strangers to me..
From one answer I gave to a girl who was sitting opposite of me to the right side. I was saying that;
"My whole body is like an envelope or a container"
"The real importance is what it contains inside, not what it is made on the outside"
"This envelope you see in front of you might be a seal or it might change with time"
"But inside you do not change, however you have the choice to make it better, and to make it worth"
"I believe that! is important"
At that moment a woman walks in and sit right besides me.
She took my right hand and hold it tight.
She then places her other hand on top of it, slowly lifts my hand up towards her lips, and gently kiss it.
As she pull our hands back, down towards her knees she was tenderly caressing mine.
On her face I saw the warmest smile I've ever seen there and then..
To me it felt like I was sitting on the sand surrounded by the sea, gazing at the wonderful sunset..
A silence surrounds me with so many questions on my mind..
I feel the wind blowing on my face and I was asking myself who is that wonderful woman.
How can someone so graceful, come right by me like she knows everything of me.
I am nothing but a simple person who will spoke my heart openly, but she was there with me simply amazing and caught my heart away.
She was dressed in white or was I only seeing black and white in my vision..
Her hair was long and tight at the back of her head.
She was very delicate by her move.
For an instant I felt myself floating in clouds and notice sadness in her eyes before everything fades away from me.