Thoughts about OVA's

Recently been watching a lot of Anime OVA's of really old-school anime. I'm talking like fist of the north star type of quality of animation for reference.

I really like the animation and sometimes different animation adaptions are just better SOMETIMES let's be fair..some minor changes can either filling to the story or just make it worst lol there is A FAIR ground on that so please don't rip on me emo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Part 3 Has such an OVA and comparing those clearly the actual well-crafted Made by David Productions is really good. Honestly, if I knew about the OVA way back into the day I would have been a fan much faster! There is a video that has a better clear cut about what's good about the differences and I would recommend watching the actual YouTuber if you are interested in Jojo's.

watching the old one makes has a different feel because if you happen to watch it for what it is and pretend the better one didn't exist you'll find the differences but you are opening the mind to that ERA of animation and what they were limited to do. THEY could have done better and not change many of core's things, but overall it was a fun ride to watch. Honestly, it was a nice hidden little trash gem I never knew that existed and has VERY interesting diving into other anime that had OVA's before they had full complete series or lack of. wahmbulance

Anyways wanted to share what I thought about OVA's and simi review of Part 3 OVA of Jojo's too