Chapter 31:

Some days pass and things were slowly getting back to normal. It would still be some time before Evelyn would return to the Brotherhood. That and far to many people are fussing over her and it's a bit much. One day she was surprised when she entered Jorrvaskr to see everyone gathered. Took her a minute to realize the party was for her and Artemis. It was Fralia's idea it seems, most people congratulating her. She just kind of goes along with it, because Fralia looks so happy. That and she just got the news her sons would be returning home, so all the more reason to celebrate. Though most her friends had no idea what was going on. She had to tell them in quiet Fralia thinks she's married now. Most chuckle and soon go along with the party. After all it was a nice change of pace. However as the party got started, Evelyn found herself staying away from most food. She's not sure what it is, but it smells off to her so she just kind of hangs off to the side. Not that anyone really takes notice since she's never really liked being the center of attention. It makes her nervous and most who know her, know this. She was doing fine, up till Farkas tries to offer her some cooked venison. She slowly goes pale and shakes her head. She tells him, politely she's not hungry and slowly makes her way outside. Farkas blinks at this, sniffs at the food and eats it himself. She makes it to the wall, before she ends up hacking up what little was in her stomach.

She heaves a few times before she coughs. She jumps a bit when she feels a harm hand on her back. To her surprise, it was Eorlund with some water. "Thanks.." She takes the water and drinks it slowly. "Sorry you had to see that.." He just lets out a low chuckle. "It's fine lass, Fralia had the same thing when she carried Thorald and Avulstein. It was cheese when she was carrying Olfina..she was so angry at that one!" He lets out another chuckle, but Evelyn just gives him a confused look. "Come now lass, I helped my wife bring three children into this world. I know a pregnant woman when I see one." A part of her kind of wants to laugh at the idea. But that would be rude so she just shakes her head slightly. "Thank you Eorlund, but that's me." He keeps his hand on her back however as he rubs small circles. He's been through this many times so it's not something he really shies away from. Still he knows well enough what she's going through rather she believes him or not. "Trust me lass, I'm old enough to know the signs. Even if you don't believe me just make a quick stop at the temple." She's still a bit unsure, but she slowly nods. If nothing it will just prove he's wrong and she's just not feeling well. "Alright if it will make you feel better. If anyone ask, tell them I got lost or something." She wonders off as he chuckles again and goes back inside. Evelyn feels like an idiot, but she slowly makes her way to the temple.

She normally doesn't come into the temple. The only time she has done so was to let Danica know the Gildergreen tree was back to normal. The priestess was so grateful for her help that day. Evelyn waits off to the side before deciding to bother the woman. Now that the war was over Danica didn't have as many people to tend to. The woman smiles warmly as Evelyn sits down on a bench. "It's good to see you, what brings you here today?" Evelyn shuffles a bit, looking down, her face turning pink. "I.." She lets out a low sigh. "This is stupid, I can't be pregnant, that would be impossible!" The priestess jumps at this, but does her best to try and calm her down. "Sit, I can look you over and tell you for sure.." It takes a few minutes to convince Evelyn to sit back down so Danica can do her job. Evelyn takes a slow deep breath as the woman works her magic. She slowly starts to feel better at least and after a minute or two Danica takes a step back. "Well my dear, seems you're wrong." Evelyn blinks as she shakes her head a few times. "But that's impossible, I can't be pregnant, I don't even bleed!" The priestess rubs her chin as she thinks it over. "Well you are Dragonborn, maybe you're just different. But my magic is never wrong my dear." Evelyn is caught on this one unable to find any prober words to get out. This shouldn't be possible, right? It takes her a moment to thank the woman before slowly making her way back out.

She's hardly paying attention as she makes her way back to Jorrvaskr to see General Tullius waiting for her. She jumps a bit when she sees the older man. "General...sir, what brings you here?" He looks so happy to see her as he walks over to her, looking her over. "We got word on what happened. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.." She blinks at the man, but nods. "I'm okay...." He lets out a relieved sigh at this. "We sent word to have you travel to the Imperial City. But when we heard the Thalmor captured you, we feared the worse..." She holds up her hand to have him slow down a touch. "Whoa there, are you saying that invite for me to be emperor was real?" He rises his brow, but he doesn't blame her for being caught off guard. "Yes, we had everything set up to make it official." She stops him once again, needing a moment to collect her thoughts. She really didn't need this on top of everything else going on. "Sorry I need a minute." She rubs the side of her head. The party had come to a clear stop, all eyes on her. "Tullius, I thank you for the kind offer...but all things considering I'm sure there's someone else more....fitting?" He lets out a small huff. "Evelyn, I've seen you fight. You're more determined then most I've met. Tamriel can use you as it's leader. Not just because you're the Dragonborn, but because of everyone you'd be able to do what's right for this nation." She's dead silent as he speaks. She needs a minute because she really has no idea what to really say to this.

"I...I'll get back to you on that.." She turns and quickly makes her way downstairs. Tullius feels a bit bad for bringing this up. But she had the right to know that the offer was genuine. Vilkas just pats his shoulder, assuring him that she's just been through a lot and needs a minute to think it over. Artemis sneak past everyone and makes his way downstairs. He follows her to her room, catching the end of another bout of nausea. He blames nerves as he slowly makes his way to her side. "You can still turn him down." She gulps as she takes a deep breath. She hasn't even told him yet on the news. Because he's going to take notice once a few months past. She takes a moment to gather herself before she slowly turns to him. "It's more then that Artemis..." She lets out a sigh as she runs a shaky hand through her hair. "As much as I don't want to admit it, but he makes a fair point..." She slowly sits herself down on her bed before she ends up getting sick again. "At the end of the day, this is my choice." She glances down a bit, stuck between a rock and a hard place. "On the one hand I can make sure nothing like this ever happens again.." She smiles slightly as she looks up at him. He's quiet, his arms at his sides as she talks. "On the other there's still other....issues to consider.." She hangs her head a bit, she never planed to drag him into something as serious as this. "What else is there to consider?" He asks, his voice soft as he speaks. Her mouth twitches slightly.

She bows her head as she tries to think of how to tell him. As she does, she remembers the visions she used to have. She blinks at this as she sits there. She hadn't really considered if they really meant much other then her soul trying to speak to her. But it was far more then that, it was trying to tell her something and she just never noticed. Until now that is and now she feels like a giant idiot. She never really thought her body would work differently. She just figured having children would be off the table. She covers her face for a minute, letting out a low grumble. "I'm an idiot." Artemis just tilts his head at her as she does her best to gather her thoughts. She takes a slow deep breath as she looks at him. Still she's finding it hard to put to words to tell him. So after a minute or so she gets up and sits him down. He just keeps his brow raised at her, wondering just what was going on. "I'm pregnant." He was not expecting that as he blinks up at her. "You're...serous..." She bites her lip as she nods at him. "I...never considered that...being Dragonborn would change how...that worked. But giving it some thought maybe there's more to my visions then I realized." She lets out a low sigh as she shakes her head. "I can hardly wrap my head around it myself really." He doesn't say a word, even he needed a minute to wrap his mind around the idea. After a moment she kneels down, looking into his eyes. "We don't have to do this you know."

He seems surprised at this, but shakes his head. He never pictured himself as a parent, but he could never ask her to do such a thing. "I'm just...." "Surprised?" She lets out a low chuckle. "I'm right there with you.." She lays her arms on the bed, laying her head by his legs. "That just leaves what to tell the general." He crosses his arms at this. "We can take the deal. But continue doing what we do. Nothing saying you have to stay in one place." She tilts her head to him. "You really want to hang around while I go play Emperor?" "Empress." She rolls her eyes at him. "You know what I mean." He shrugs at her slightly. "At least I have more of a say to this then when Jarlaxle tried to make me king. I'm still not sure what he was thinking with that plan...." She can't help but laugh softly. "No kidding." After a minute or so she slowly gets up. "Alright, it's better then letting the worse happen." She shuffles a bit as she rubs the back of her head. "What about...?" "We have nine months." He slowly stands at her side. "By then I think we can handle that as well." She was surprised by his reaction to all of this. he wasn't angry, which is what she figured he would be. Hell she wouldn't blame him, but he seems calm about it all. She reaches out slowly as she cups his cheek lightly. "Are you sure you're okay with this? I mean ALL of this?" He leans slightly into her touch. "I can't promise to be the best. But I can at least be there.." Which is better then what his own parents did for him. She smiles slightly as she kisses the top of his head. "Lets go do this then." She lets him go and heads out.

She finds the General, still waiting for her. He glances up as she walks over to him. "I'm in, for what it's worth, I still think this is a horrid idea. But I...we're in." Tullius smiles as he gets up, bowing his head to her. "We'll make our way to the Imperial City right away. Tullius heads off to get everything ready. Vilkas gives her a surprised look. "You really want to do this?" She chews at her lip. "As of right now, I'm the best choice. Besides, I can't do any worse then Titus. And I have no plans to ever make a deal with the Thalmor, or what's left of them.." She places her hand on his arm. "I've been a horrible Harbinger, we both know it. I think we both know you're a better fit." He doesn't look sure, but he nods slowly, trusting her judgement. "I wish you luck Evelyn." She shakes his hand before letting go. "If nothing else, this will be...temporary. But who knows, but know you haven't seen the last of me that's for sure." She smirks as she turns and waves goodbye to those around her. After she does she walks out the doors with Artemis. They head out the main gates, to see a fancy looking wagon waiting for them. She rises her brow as she looks at Tullius. "Is this necessary?" "All past leaders rode in this." Her mouth twitches up at this as she looks at Artemis, it's a bit much. She opens the door, surprised to see Jarlaxle waiting. He smiles wide as he sees them. "I heard the news." Her eyes narrow at the elf. "What are you doing?" "Being useful. All good leaders need someone like me to work for them."

Her eyes turn to Artemis, wondering what he has to say to this. He's still slightly angry with the elf. But he owes him for saving Evelyn. "He is useful....when he wishes to be.." He finally says, so she decides that he can tag along. As long as he behaves himself. Tullius is just waiting off to the side, waiting for them to get in. So she shrugs and gets into the wagon, Artemis following after her. Once in they start to head off. She's never ridden like this, she had gotten used to riding her own horse. But Tullius is a man that does things by the book. He would die to protect her if it was called far. However she doesn't like how bumpy the ride is and tries to keep her mind on other things. "Well since we'll be heading back to Cyrodiil, maybe we'll be able to patch up the old hideout in Cheydinhal." Artemis turns his head as Jarlaxle rises a bow. "Hideout?" He leans forward a bit. "Back in the day, there used to be a Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. However it was burned by the Thalmor I think. The only person to survive was Cicero and...well..." Artemis gives her a surprised look. Her eyes turn to Jarlaxle. "Mind you, not a word of this gets out. Aside from my dealings with the Companions I also work with the Dark Brotherhood. A rather small guild of assassins." "Ahh so it all fits together." Jarlaxle doesn't really care what she does or who she is. He just figures if he tags along, he can make a profit. Which he normally does.

Jarlaxle leans over a bit. "I can see why you fancy her so." Artemis narrows his eyes at the elf. "Watch yourself." "I'm just being honest, even the eyes area a bit..." "Enough." Artemis is already aware he has a thing for dragons. He knows Evelyn would never cheat on him. But that wouldn't stop Jarlaxle from trying to hit on her. But it's likely he would end up as paste for doing it. The elf turns to her, seeing that she's now hanging her head out the tiny window. "Didn't take her as the type to get sick from a simple ride..." He pauses, then turns to Artemis. He turns the other way, rubbing the back of his neck. "You lucky dog, can't say I pictured you as the family man!" Artemis lets out a deep sigh at this. "Keep this up and I'm kicking you onto the road." Jarlaxle holds up his hands at this. "Still, it's...unlike you." He lets out a low huff as he turns to Evelyn. Her head still out the tiny window. "Maybe I have you to blame." Jarlaxle seems surprised at this, but he keeps talking. "If it hadn't been for you or that flute I would have never learned I was capable of such emotions." Jarlaxle slowly smirks as he crosses his legs. "Well happy to see everything's worked out for you my friend." Artemis just nods slowly, his eyes turning to his lover. He just hopes he's up for this.