working on something new tonight.
love the newest cloud item - super face mod, cute hair/hat and arm mod - also love the legs tho i don't typically like side sits, the thick legs are really spiffy nakey.
would love to use those new items i pulled from the RIGs on something this evening. I got 2 of the Twinkling Gluttonous Tea Party even tho id have rathered the reg Glutt T P. I just wish i had more because i hate feeling like i can't work with less than 3 or 4. I always do this though, i find a thing i like, then try to get at least 3 of it - if not one for each pose within it so i can build the entire outfit - the crazy thing about that is just how much i hate the lack of individuality that would amount to. I doubt I would ever build an outfit exactly as it is. I;ve never done it - but i want to be able to if it ever came up, and like when the ******** would that EVER be a thing? never, thats when.

okay well enough of my issues -
Ive spent enough time trying to post something of substance ... it just aint happening.